5 Best data science courses in the world [beginners]

Best data science course

After analyzing thousands, of course, I selected the 5 best data science courses in the world.

There are thousands of online courses in Data Science. and it is really difficult to decide which one to choose.

  • some of the online data science course is not even practical.
  • some courses don’t make clear that it will be for windows/mac or both.
  • Q/A section of most data science courses are unanswered. the professor is responding 1 week late to query.
  • some courses don’t even complete the whole syllabus and instructor do unnecessary gossip.
  • Few courses are too tough to follow and understand, some times voice is not understandable, sometimes they used an automated robot voice, which is disgusting.

I will share a few tips from those people who got a job in this worst scenario in the end.

Here is the list of 5 Best data science courses in the world that will help you in getting the job instantly.

I have given my rating to each course for making selection easier for you.

Rating is given on the basis of the problem that I mentioned above.

1. The Data Science Course 2020: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

udemy course

MY RATING: 10/10

This is one of the best courses that are available on Udemy.

The purpose of this course is not only to get the certificate but also to help you to get the job easily.

It covers everything. Mathematics, statistics, python pandas library, machine learning, deep learning, etc.

which language you should choose R or python for data science?

You can start with any language but most people recommend Python because it has a bigger community.

for extra details you can check out the following resources:

Why you should join this Udemy data science course:

  • The professor replies to every question daily.
  • No prerequisite.
  • you will be given questions at the end of every topic. this will improve the learning experience.
  • The lectures are well organized. It makes it easy to move from one topic to the next topic.
  • this course will help you in getting hired as a data scientist in big companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.
  • videos of the lecture are interesting and engaging.

Coursera and many universities that offer data science courses have very high fees like Rs 2200 per month. and will take at least 3 months to complete.

If you are short on money and time. then go for this course. 

This Udemy course on data science starts from Rs 700 only.

Things you will learn in this course:

best data science online courses

Course contains:

  • Video duration: 28.5 hour
  • Course rating on Udemy: 4.5/5 
  • 260,336 students enrolled
  • subtitle: English, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish 
  • certificate will be given at the end of the course.
  • Full-time access to this course.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reviews by students:

data science course by udemy

2. IBM Data Science: Best data science courses in the world

IBM data science course

MY RATING: 10/10

This course and above course have same rating.

both are the best. one is available on Udemy while other is on Coursera.

If you have no budget issue then choose IBM data science.


if you are low on budget then you can go with Udemy  course which i mentioend above that starts @700.

IBM data science is the Best data science course in the world on Coursera.

This course will teach you how to analyze, manage, and visualize data.

This course is offered by IBM. IBM is one of the biggest computer hardware company. This course is for those who are very dedicated.

This is the best online course for data science by Coursera because it has in hand project which makes the learning process easier and much better.

You have to spend 4 hr per week for 10 months to complete this whole course.

but if you spend 3 hr per day then you can complete this course within 2 months easily.

best data science course in india

Why you should join this Coursera data science course by IBM:

  • no previous knowledge required.
  • It is offered by one of the greatest hardware and software companies.
  • you have to complete a few projects.
  • 158,020 already enrolled. 
  • The professor always replies to your query.
  • 7-day free trial available. if you don’t like then you can quit any time.

ibm data science professional certificate review

Course contains:

  • suggested time is 3 hr per week. but if you spend 3 hr per day then you can complete it within 1 month 20 days max.
  • Course rating on coursera: 4.6/5
  • Subtitles: English, Russian, Korean, German, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish.
  • certificate at the end of each course. You will get a total of 9 certificates.
  • Tools: Jupyter / JupyterLab, Zeppelin notebooks, R Studio, and Watson Studio
  • Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, python-SQL, Scikit-learn, ScipPy, etc.
  • Projects: random album generator, predict housing prices, best classifier model, battle of neighborhoods

Reviews by students:

ibm data science course reviews

To know my personal experience with the course read this article.

3. Data Science: Foundations using R

MY RATING: 9.3/10

This data science course uses R language for analyzing data.

If you are interested in Python for learning data science then this course is not for you.

it is the best online data science course in India in R programing language.

you will learn about:

  • obtaining the data from the web, API, database, etc.
  • how to clean the data using the Tidyverse library and other packages too.
  • how to manage missing data.
  • how to analyze it.
  • and how to visualize it using the GGPLOT2 library.

Why you should join this Coursera data science course by john Hopkins university:

  • Self-Paced Learning Option
  • Course Videos & Readings
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Graded Quizzes with Feedback
  • Graded Programming Assignments

Course contains:

  • suggested time is 8 hr per week. the total duration of 5 months.
  • 16,492 already enrolled
  • Course rating on coursera: 4.6/5
  • Subtitles: English, Korean, Arabic, French, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, Spanish, Japanese, Russian
  • This specialization course has a total of 5 courses in it.

Reason for giving this course less rating than other:

data science specialization course

but still, if you want to learn data science using R programming this is the best online course so far available on.

4.Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

MY RATING: 9.4/10

This course uses both languages in teaching data science. first, It will explain things with python and the same things using the R language.

I recommend this course to those who are interested in learning data science through both languages.

you will learn about:

  • Data processing
  • regression
  • classification
  • clustering
  • NLP
  • deep-learning etc.

data science course in india

Why you should join this udemy data science course by  Kirill Eremenko:

  • you learned both language R and python for data science
  • 633,665 students enrolled
  • so many questions and doubt is already answered. so before asking just check it.
  • assignment with the solution at the end of lectures.
  • Subtitle: English, french, german, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Course rating on udemy: 4.5/5

Reviews by students:

best data science course in india

5. Data Science A-Z: Real-Life Data Science Exercises Included

MY RATING: 8.5/10

If you looking for something quick and practical then you can join this course. This course explain the basics of every tool and technique for analyzing data.

This course focus on practical things only and excludes all the irrelevant stuff. That’s why this course is very short compared to others.

This course has not included some important topics like statistic, probability, classification, etc.

If you have joined any of the mentioned course in this article then you can join this course also for doing real-life data science exercise and assignment.

In this course you will develop a good understanding of the following tools:

  • SQL
  • SSIS
  • Tableau
  • Gretl

You will know about the following things:

  • cleaning and preparing the data
  • visualizing the data
  • Best curve fitting
  • modeling data

Reviews by students:

online data science course

Is data science a good career?

In 2016 data science field was the highest paying job as per glassdoor. In data science, field demand is very high and no. of people with data science knowledge is very low. Because of this, the salary of a data scientist is very high. 

LinkedIn has recently mentioned data scientist as a most bright career in 2019. The reason for mentioning it as the best career option is its top average salary which is Rs 997,000 per year in India.

Here is the demand graph of Job:

is data science a good career

most companies now rely on data to take any business decision.

That’s where the data scientist comes handy. They help companies in collecting, managing, analyzing data.

If you are interested in this field, I must tell you this is the best time to enter. because after 5 to 6 years this filed will get flooded too and people with 2-year experience will enjoy and for fresher, it will become hard to get into it.

For extra details, you may read a Quora answer by Iylia.

Recommended article:

11 online job from home without investment: Earn 4700 [daily]

Data science course eligibility:

There is no such things as eligibility criteria. Anyone can join this course. Students from any background commerce, engineering, medical, journalism, etc can join the data science course and can easily do the job in this filed.

But students from different backgrounds other than engineering should have to learn two topics of Mathematics, statistics & probability and basics of coding. It will require you an extra 20 days.

you can ask me in the comment, I will recommend the course for this and you will be ready to join any data science course.

Most companies that hire for the data science field allow students from every background to apply for a job.

what is the future of data science?

companies and organizations will use data for all decisions.

  • we can predict the result of any sports like cricket, basketball, football, etc.
  • The recommended videos showed by Youtube also uses data science technology and It will get better with time. Because it will have more data about our preferences.
  • automobile companies can tell you which part of your car will need a replacement.
  • a supermarket can predict which product its customer is going to buy and can send you a notification for a discount on those particular items.
  • companies are going to need a huge no. of data scientists in the future.

Tips for job searching during COVID 19:

  • practice your phone and video talking skills.
  • Contact those companies that didn’t get affected by virus-like pharmacy, logistics, customer service, health care sector, etc.
  • Apply for that job which has been posted on the websites within 1 month only. Because if you apply for an old post then they might have been listed before the virus.
  • Try networking with people. LinkedIn is very helpful in this. 51% of people got the job through networks alone. So, talk to your college alumni, your neighbor, relative, and tell them you are looking for a job.

Here are some resource for more details:

Data science cheat sheet:

  1. Python For DataScience cheat sheet.
  2. Numpy_Python_Cheat_Sheet

For 26 more cheat sheet on Python, R, data science, machine learning, SQL, statistics, etc

Cheat sheets are very helpful for revision. So make sure you download it after joining the course for easy revision.

After Joining any of these 5 Best data science courses in the world you will get Job for sure.

If you have any questions regarding the course you can ask me in the comment.

and also tell me in the comment, which course you are going to Join.

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