9 Business ideas in chennai with low investment

Business ideas in Chennai

Interested in starting a business but don’t have ideas.

Then you are in the right place.

Because today I will discuss 9 best business ideas in Chennai with low investment.

These profitable businesses in Chennai will help you in earning money quickly and easily.

You can start these as a part-time business in Chennai as well as full time.

If you work hard and smart on any ideas then you can earn 4,500 daily from any of these businesses, within 2 months.

So, read all 9 business in Chennai before taking any further decision.

The best thing about starting these business ideas in Chennai:

  • It is 3rd the most visited city by a foreigner in India.
  • 2nd largest exporter of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO).
  • An educational centre of south India.
  • 40% of automobiles and automobile parts are made in Chennai.


1. Maid service business ideas in Chennai

In every developed city, shortage of maid is always a problem whether it Chennai, Bangalore etc.

So many families face difficulty and they have to do all the household work.

But now, most of the girls, women are also doing a job and it’s not possible for them to do household work along with job.

And if they have a baby then the problem became more serious.

You can also understand it.

maid service business ideas in chennai

And where there is a problem, there is a business opportunity as well. you can take advantage of this problem and convert it into a full time or part time profitable business in chennai.

You can hire male and female. Male can also do household work. They can also bring the necessary grocery item when needed.

Reason for working on these business ideas in Chennai city:

  • Girls and women are also doing a job, they don’t get time for household work.
  • Very few maids are available.
  • Low competition means you can take a higher percentage of profit.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

1.Find maid:

  • Visit the underdeveloped city, slum area and village around Chennai. There you can get them easily.
  • In case if you don’t get the maid. Then offer work to any poor and unemployed person, I am sure they will agree easily.

2. Get a website portal:

  • You can get a website developer easily in Chennai. He will charges around Rs 3000 to 7,000.
  • Website will help you in getting a client for your maid service easily.
  • You don’t need technical skills.
  • Here the price and work of the maid will be listed, It will help you in avoiding simple queries.

3. Get client

  • Do advertisement of your website, It will help you in getting client easily.
  • You can use digital media ( google AdWords, Facebook ad, Instagram ad).
  • You may also use the traditional method like a newspaper ad, pamphlet, magazine etc.
  • In case if you are low budget. Then write down a WhatsApp message and tell your friend to share it on the status and send them personally. you may visit nearby area and ask for your service.

Business idea Table:

  • INVESTMENT: Rs 6000
  • REQUIREMENT: Maid, business card, phone
  • LOCATION: home or office
  • EARNING: Rs 30,000 (after 3 month)


2. Pet shop and service business idea

Who doesn’t like a pet? see this cute kitten. Everyone has a dream of making a pet. This is one of the most profitable business ideas.

pet business ideas in chennai

People treat the pet as a member of their family. They also like to get their pet trained and visit the doctor on daily basis. so, that their pet didn’t get any kind of disease.

Most people found it as a symbol of status. people are willing to spend money on pet easily. Because they become emotionally attached to them.

Reason for working on this business ideas in chennai city:

  • Loved by almost everyone.
  • Dog is used for safety purpose. In the developed city, there are so many theives.
  • It would not let you feel lonely.

Pets you can sell easily are:

  • Dog( liked by most of the people)
  • Cat
  • Rabbit
  • Bird (especially parrot, pigeon)
  • Fish
  • Hamster ( A kind of big mouse known as pahadi chuha) etc

Pet products:

  • Pet food
  • House for pet.
  • Cage
  • Aquarium
  • Training equipments
  • Pet accessories etc

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

  1. Search for best location of store. Open a store, make a website also for online.
  2. Very few I can say 2 or 3 company sell pet online. So Its golden chance.
  3. Contact wholesaler first and buy those pet which has more demand in your area.
  4. Do an advertisement.
  5. You can use digital media ( google AdWords, Facebook ad, Instagram ad). It will help in growing business at a faster rate than any other.
  6. You may also use traditional methods like newspaper ads, pamphlets, magazines, etc.

Business idea Table:

  • INVESTMENT: Rs 10 Lakh ( including pet, rent, accessories)
  • REQUIREMENT: Store, Pet, pet accessories, pet trainer
  • LOCATION: It should be in the market
  • EARNING: 2 lakh ( After 3 month)

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3. Dress shop business ideas in Chennaidress shop full time business in chennai

It is one of the important business industry. It is one of the largest source of employment in India.

The cloth market is $15 billion dollars in India.

If you are starting this business in Chennai. Then you and the people of Chennai both will be benefited. 

Everyone buy dress generally in festival and events. But today’s generational people don’t wait for this.

They buy anytime whenever they want. This makes it a more profitable business.

This industry will never collapse. It’s an uptrend industry.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

1. Location:

  • Location choice is very important. It can either make you rich or put you in debt.
  • Method 1: checkout dress shop market and look, which location get the most customer.
  • Method 2: checkout nearby area, where there is no dress shop. Ask in the locality would they like to buy if you open a shop there.
  • After this, you can open your store in that locality.
  • Also, connect your store to Amazon and Flipkart. It will help in getting customers online from all over India.


  • Most businessmen ignore it. But believe me, it has too much impact on your customer behavior.
  • If there are two shops A & B, A has a good look and B has an ugly look. which will you prefer? Yes, it will be A.
  • The good looking store has a very positive effect on your customer.

3.Market research:

  • Visit your competitor shop and see which type of dress are in more demand. buy those dresses.
  • Also, check which dress they don kept. bought those dresses, it will give you an edge over the competitor.
  • Ask your family and friend about which type of dress they like to wear most.
  • Good market research will make it easier for you in making quick money.

4. Buy from the manufacturer:

  • Try to buy from the manufacturer. but you have to order in bulk.
  • You can also buy from B2B online companies. They provide home delivery options.

5. Customer relationship:

  • Talk to the customer with a smile.
  • Focus on making every customer a regular customer.
  • Be humble. Never get angry with your employees in front of the customer.

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5. IT SERVICE business ideas in Chennai

IT part time business in chennai

As I said earlier in this article. Chennai is the 2nd largest exporter of informational technology. If you can start any kind of business in this field. Then you never have to think about money.

Infosys is an IT firm and its revenue in the 1st quarter was $10.93 billion. It’s huge money.

They don’t make the money overnight. They work harder day and night. And with time they became no.1 IT companies in India.

IT service business ideas in Chennai is pure cash making machine.

IT teams areknowledgeable about general computer systems, cloud platforms, electronic hardware, device networking, and software applications.

Reason for working on this business ideas in Chennai city:

  • 2nd largest exporter of information technology (IT).
  • Bigger IT firms hand over small works to smaller IT company
  • Every medium to big company needs IT support, and There are so many big companies in Chennai.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

  1. There are so many options, select anyone in which you want to provide support.
  2. Hire employees having knowledge in that specific field.
  3. Mail medium-size company IT firms for getting the contract. or you may directly contact companies that need IT support.
  4. Done.

6. Tour & Travel business in Chennai

travel business in chennai

It is 3rd the most visited city by the foreigner in India. Foreigner means more money.

Because the value of a currency like a dollar, pound, and any American and Europe is more than Indian currency.

344 million tourists from within the country visit Chennai every year ( 2016 news).

This is one of the most exciting business ideas in Chennai.

Services you can offer in this business:

  • Hotel booking
  • Flight, train, bus, and car booking.
  • Tour guide facility
  • The complete package for any destination.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

1. Choosing a business entity:

  • A private limited company is the best option for a travel agency. If you want to scale up your business quickly, then this is the best choice.
  • If you want to scale up slowly, then OPC and LLP will be the best choice.
  • You have to meet with CA ( chartered accountant) for this work.

2. Service Tax Registration:

  • Services offered by travel agencies are taxable.
  • You have to obtain service tax registration.
  • In case if your turnover doesn’t exceed 10 lakh in a financial year, then you don’t need to pay tax.

3. Approved travel agent:

  • Getting approval as a travel agent is not mandatory.
  • But it is beneficial for your business.
  • For getting this approval you have to fulfil its certain requirement on capital invested, the number of staff employed, maintenance of minimum office space, and other stipulation.

4. Be an IATA agent:

  • IATA means the International Air Transport Association.
  • It provides training and professional development service to the travel agency.
  • You will be recognized worldwide if you have this approval.

5. Setup office & marketing

  • Open your office and do marketing and advertising.
  • Make a business Facebook page.
  • Enlist your business on business listing websites. It helps your business in getting clients easily.
  • Also make a website, so that foreign travelers can directly contact you.

7. website for social influencer

social media influencer business in chennai

A social influencer is people who are popular on social media, having a lot of followers. Eg. Bhuvan bam( bb ki vines), technical guruji, mumbiker nikhil, carryminati etc.

Big brands pay them a handsome amount of money for their product advertisement.

This is an interesting kind of business. You don’t need to work all the time in this business.

This business idea in Chennai with low investment, you don’t need to be a social influencer.

What you have to do in this new business?

Well, you have to make a website where you can help companies and brands in finding social influencers based on geographic location.

You don’t need to have knowledge of web development for this. Just hire any web developer.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

1. Hire a developer and create a website.

2. Contact as a medium social influencer. They will agree quickly.

3. Add them to your website, their work, social media they use, total no. of a follower, total like, etc.

4. Now, do advertisements via digital media like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

5. Charges money from brands for connecting them to social media influencer of their needs.

Business ideas Table:

  • INVESTMENT: Rs 15,000
  • REQUIREMENT: ( WordPress website + content writer)
  • LOCATION: home or office
  • EARNING: Rs 50,000 (after 3 months)

8. Franchise

franchise in chennai

Franchise is a license from the owner of a trademark or trade name permitting another to sell a product or service under that name or mark.

It is an easy way to start a business without taking any tension. In the franchise business, there is no need for advertisement.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Chennai:

1.Select a niche:

  • decide in which segment you want to franchise eg food ( McDonald, KFC, etc), Cloth ( sparky, van Heusen, Killer, etc ), etc

2. Find franchisor:

  • just google related to your niche. You will get so many franchisers.
  • A good franchisor will make your all work easy.

3. Agreement:

  • select the time period for which you want to run this franchise.

4. Payment:

  • You have to pay for the following things:
  • Royalty money
  • Service Fees
  • Management fee

5. Training:

  • They will provide you with every kind of training.

9. Tempered glass manufacturing business 

tempered glass business in chennai

Tempered glass manufacturing business ideas are best for Chennai. Its growth rate is touching the sky. It’s all happening because of the enormous amount of smartphones are sold every day.

In 2017 almost 3 cores smartphone was sold in India only. Every customer also bought tempered glass with it. And almost every people buy 2 times a year.

By starting the manufacturing of tempered glass, you can easily make a lot of money. It is a very profitable business in Chennai.

The best thing about this business is, you can even manufacture it in your home.

The size of the machine of printer size only.


List of the website for selling online:


tempered glass online business ideas in pakistan

  • EARNING: more then 4.5 Lakh per month.

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