7 best business ideas in dubai for (Indian, USA, UK, UAE)

business ideas in dubai

Today I will discuss 7 best business ideas in Dubai for Indian, USA, Uk & UAE people.

People have build fortune in Dubai. The city where people spend money like water.

Luxurious lifestyle boost up the economy here. only 15% population are of UAE in Dubai remaining are a foreigner.

If you know any of this language you can easily start a business in Dubai:

  • English
  • Indian language ( Hindi, Urdu)

How Dubai people treat foreigner:

This is the common question that comes in mind to every people who want to start a business here:

  • The security system is awesome there, Nobody can harm you there. 
  • Govt has made the business very easier there for foreigner especially. They know their oil is going to end sooner.
  • Foreigner feel safe in day and night both. you can read the reviews of people on Quora also.

1. Massage business ideas in Dubai

massage is best business ideas in dubai

Massage business is rocking in the whole of Dubai. you will see massage ad pamphlet everywhere.

Most of the massage companies charge AED 500 to 1000 for their services. just convert the money according to your country.

For this massage business in Dubai, you need to hire a professional massage therapist. Because in Dubai you can not compromise with quality. people are willing to pay here. 


Investment & profit:

one time Investment~ $1000 ( not including Rent & licence fees)

Operating cost monthly~ $15,5000 [ (1). assuming you hire 3 employees @ $5,000 per month salary each (2). rent has not included (3). maintenance charge included]

Profit ~ $175,857 monthly easily (assuming you got 30 customers daily, charges $142 to $285)

Note: In Dubai, most of the message centre fees is AED 500 to AED 1000 i.e $142 to $ 285.

Reason for starting a massage business in Dubai:

  • Dubai got No.4 in the World’s most popular cities for tourists.
  • People live a luxurious life in Dubai. you can charges higher fees easily.
  • one time investment and operating cost are low.

2. Gaming parlour business in Dubai

game parlour best business opportunity in Dubai

Its the place where most of the people from age 12- 30 like to visit. This business is less competitive compared to a massage business.

You can easily get success in this business if you will do it in the right way. don’t worry I will also share a few tips to increase your chances of success in the gaming parlour business.

The gaming industry is increasing rapidly. Games like fortnite and pubg bring revolution in the gaming industry.

Investment & profit:

one time Investment ~ $71,428 ( 50 gaming pc each cost around $ 1400)+$285,714 ( 200 arcade gaming machine like car racing, bike racing etc)

Total =$357,142

Operating cost monthly ~ $8,000 ( including 5 employee salary @ $800 and maintenance charges)

Profit= $22,000 monthly ( assuming you got around 250 customers daily and you are charging $2 to 8 depending upon pc game, VR and arcade game)

game cafe business oppurtunity in dubai

3 Tips for getting success in a Gaming parlour business:

  • Organize Tournament regularly, It will boost up your business.
  • use google my business to show on google when any customer search for business parlour near me and whenever someone visits your parlour tell him to rate your business there. More positive reviews will help you in getting more customer.
  • contact social media influencers ( youtube, Instagram, facebook etc) to post positive things about your business. They will charge money for it but it will work for sure.

3. Grocery store business opportunity in Dubai

Grocery store fulfils the basic needs of every customer. But in Dubai, most of the apartment have supermarket from where they get all the grocery items. Even they also deliver it for free on just one call. 

So, To get success in the grocery store business you have to open it in that area where there is no supermarket attach with an apartment.

A grocery store is a very profitable business opportunity in Dubai if you can find the right place.

For eg, if you get a grocery store in a mall then you can make money very quickly. 

grocery store business opportunity in Dubai

Steps to start a grocery store business in Dubai:

  1. First, you have to get approval from the Dubai Municipality. It took around 1 month to 2 months in getting approval.
  2. Then you have to get a license. It will cost you around 15,000 AED. You also have to tell them about all the products that you will sell in the store.
  3. Rent around 32,000 AED yearly. You can pay in instalment also.
  4. Initially you have to buy all the items on cash and later on, you can get the product from wholesalers on credit.

Investment & profit:

grocery store business ideas for dubai

4. Restaurant business in Dubai

The restaurant business in Dubai is very successful and profitable. whether you start a big restaurant or take a franchise or a small cafe. everything works here.

small business ideas in dubai

But one thing kept in mind who is your targeted audience.

For eg, if Indian and Pakistani people who come for a job in Dubai is your targeted customer then you have to set the price and look of Restaurant in according to them. 

because for them food is costly and if you lower the price and put tag line like Indian food with Indian price like that then your store will run like a horse.

Indian and Pakistani come in Dubai to earn and save money for their family and if they find restaurants, where they can find food they like and the price, is little lower than other then will come for sure.

If your targeted audience is a tourist then you have to keep an extra focus on decoration work a lot. Make the service so good and food so delicious that they recommend their friends about your restaurant when they come to Dubai.

Investment & profit:

home based business in dubai
Rent is yearly, and you can pay it in 3 instalments.

5. Coworking space business ideas In Dubai

coworking space business ideas in Dubai

Coworking is business services where any individuals, freelancer or business person working independently or collaboratively in shared office space.

you may be thinking is this business will profitable or not?

I will recommend you read the benefits of coworking spaces once.

Coworking space is spreading like fire in the forest. Industry experts keep saying, coworking space will be the future.

Many startups are preparing coworking space because it can save up to 30% of operational cost alone

Investment & profit:

coworking space business ideas in Dubai

Tips for getting success within 3 months in Coworking business:

  • Offer the best quality food and beverage in the cafeteria at a low price if possible and adjust the price in monthly fees.
  • Internet speed must be fast because I know many customers got annoyed because of slow internet speed. for some customer changing coworking offices is only due to low internet speed.
review of coworking space dubai
Bad reviews from a customer of “DTEC Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus ( very popular co-working space of Dubai)”

6. Import & Export business in Dubai for (Indian)

As you know land in Dubai is very difficult for agriculture. Most of the food item is exported from other countries to Dubai.

Rice is the staple food of Dubai.

India is on no.2 in the whole world in terms of rice production. so, you can easily utilize these benefits and cash huge money from this business. 

It’s a big business opportunity for Indian. 

import export business in dubai for indian

Import tax duty on the food product is around 4% only.

For exporting or importing, you must get 10 digit IEC code. It is issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Apart from the food product, there is also some big option that you can opt for:

  • Gold ( jewellery)
  • Iron and steel
  • Garments
  • Ships, Boat structures.

Guide for how to import and export product from India: 

7. Car wash business in Dubai

car wash is a very profitable business in Dubai. people here love driving an expensive car. 

They spend huge money on upgrading and maintaining their car.

car wash business opportunity in dubai

There is 3 kind of services in the car wash business:

  • Interior cleaning
  • exterior cleaning
  • Self serve car washes
  • in bay automatic car washes

You need to buy different chemical for cleaning. you can easily purchase it from the market.

Investment & profit:

Investment: $100,000 to 400,000

Money spend on each car wash: $4.5 Aprx ( It varies according to a type of service)

Equipment cost for self serve car washes: 29484 AED to 36732 AED

Equipment cost for automatic car washes: 113867.10 AED to 179982.90 AED

For more in-depth details ( equipment requirements) on car wash business check out this:

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you get good Knowlege about these business ideas in Dubai.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Which business ideas in Dubai you liked most? Tell me in the comment.

If you have any trouble in starting any business ideas, then visit our service page.



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