11 best business ideas in Bangalore (Investment & profit)

new business opportunities in bangalore

Deciding which business to start is really a very tough decision.

because you don’t know how much investment or capital any business needed.

You also don’t know how much profit you can make in any business.

well, Today I will discuss 11 best business ideas in Bangalore with full details:

  • Investment
  • Profit and margin
  • Steps to start

1. Tempered Glass: business ideas in Bangalore

  • Investment = 1 lakh 55 thousand
  • Profit= 4.5 lakh per month
  • ROI Time = 2-3 month

best business ideas in bangalore

This business is very easy to start. The demand for tempered glass in the market is skyrocketing.

with the release of smartphone-like “Xiaomi redmi note 7 pro” it created a huge demand in a very short span.

Almost every smartphone users buy tempered glass. The new smartphone comes with gorilla glass but these gorilla glasses are not 100% scratch proof and also get crack dropping drop from 1.5 m height.

Reason for starting this new business idea in Bangalore:

  • Top 5 cities of India made up to 60% sales. ( Bangalore is in the top 5)
  • The purchasing power of Bangalore is in the 5th position in India.
  • This business can be started from home.
  • You can also do this business as a part-time from home.

tempered glass online business

For buying machines and plans for starting the tempered glass business read this article.

2. Child care center business

own business and side business

INVESTMENT 2 to 3 lakh
REQUIREMENT baby sitter, toys, Big house, Playground 
EARNING 2 Lakh per month 

In developed cities, it’s very difficult to find a maid or babysitter.

If they find somehow then trust is very important in the case of children.

You can get success in this business easily if you can establish your business as a trustworthy brand.

this business in Bangalore with low investment is simple and profitable.

How to win the trust the of customer a in short time:

  • Sponsored content in the blog and Vlog ( contact them via mail and tell them to write a good story about your company. They will charge around Rs 5,000 for this maybe)
  • Digital marketing. It’s a great and very simple way to boost your business within a short period of time.
  • whenever any customer brings another new customer than pay them a referral fee. In this way, every customer will try to promote your business as well as the brand.

3. Massage business in Bangalore

  • One time investment = Rs 2 lakh to 3 Lakh ( Equipment, decoration, license)
  • Operating cost monthly = 1 lakh to 1 lakh fifty thousand (rent in tier 1 cities, area 1000sqft, employee salary, maintenance, electricity charges)
  • PROFIT= 2 lakh per month ( just after 1 or 2 months)
  • 3 massage specialist @ 15,000 to 25,000 salary, 1 receptionist @ 10,000 and 1 staff @ 8000 (included in operating cost monthly)

massage business for ladies

In 3 start hotels for a 1hour massage, you have to pay around Rs 2500 to 3500. This business is very profitable. because elite/rich class people come for massage service. 

You have to make your service really good in order to make your every new customer a regular customer.

Because massage business mostly depends upon the regular customer.

How to get success in the massage business in Bangalore:

  • Maintain privacy for your customer. make them feel how much you concern about their privacy.
  • list your business on justdial, India mart & google my business. whenever anyone searches on the internet about the “massage centre in Bangalore” your business will pop up in the result and they can easily get an appointment via phone.

4. Coworking space

  • one-time Investment = 45 lakh (200 table, 200 chair, 100 pc @ 40,000 each, wifi, 10 all in one printers @ 4,000 each etc)
  • operating cost monthly = Rs 2 to 3 lakh per month (6 employee, electricity, rent, area 2000 sqft)
  • Profit= 10-12 lakh per month. 
  • employee= 2 sales and marketing guys @ 25,000, 1 staff @ 10,000, 1 receptionist @ 12,000, 1 guy for pc and all electronic devices maintenance@ 18,000.

best profitable business ideas in bangalore

coworking space is a very good business to start right now. Most of the startup are choosing coworking office instead of getting own offices.

It helps in cutting down cost. because buying all the items like pc, printer, wifi, table etc cost too much money. In case if a business doesn’t get successful then all money go away.

These are the facility that you can offer to boost your business:

new business opportunities in bangalore

Reason for starting this business in Bangalore:

  • Bangalore has highest no. of a startup in India. 
  • Profit in this business is very high as compare to other business.
  • This business is new. you can easily get market share.

5. T-shirt printing business ideas in Bangalore

  • one time Investment= Rs 40,000 to 50,000
  • Operating cost monthly= Rs 30,000 (300 custom plain t-shirt, 1 staff, clour for printer)
  • Profit= Rs 45,000 per month (assuming you are selling 10 t-shirts daily)
  • Platform for selling= online and offline

business ideas in bangalore for ladies

21st-century generation youth mostly wear a t-shirt. Because of its fancy look and easy to maintain.

In this business your most of the customer are youth.

So, you have to market your business according to them. 

preparing one custom t-shirt will cost you around Rs 70 to 80 hardly. you can sell them easily at 250 to 300.

depending upon the types of cloth, prices vary. Mostly youth care about the fancy look on a t-shirt.

You can get different design via the internet easily.

How to get success in this business in Bangalore:

  • Sell on every online platform as possible like Amazon, Flipkart,snapdeal, eBay, myntra etc.
  • Learn how to write a product description that convinces people to buy your t-shirt only.
  • Read reviews of other companies t-shirt who are selling on Amazon Flipkart etc. It will help you in knowing the customers like and dislike and you can easily improve your product and can increase your sell without much effort.

6. Mineral water plant: new business opportunity in Bangalore

  • Investment= 40 to 60 lakh (land not included)
  • Profit= 1.5 to 3 crores per year

From 3 to 5 year this business got a great pickup. Many people who started this business very early are crorepati now.

Mineral water plant requires a large investment and have a risk with it also.

For this manufacturing business, you need a good business plan.

You must talk to some good business consultant, he will give you enough ideas that can make your task easy.

Reason for starting this business in Bangalore:

  • Demand is very high in Bangalore.
  • In Bangalore, people are extra cautious when it comes to health.

7. pet shop business ideas in Bangalore

  • one time investment= 10 lakh
  • profit= 2 lakh per month
  • emplyee= 1 trainer, 1 receptionist, 1 staff.

part time business ideas in bangalore

Everyone love pets. mostly dog. this business is growing very rapidly.

people love to go on the walk in the morning with their lovely pets. They provide the company and never let them feel alone.

It helps you in guarding your house, you will feel safe in the house if you live alone.

Reason for starting a pet shop business in Bangalore:

  • It is an evergreen kind of business. you will always get customers throughout the year.
  • you can offer various other services also like pet training, pet spa ( hair cut), pet cloth etc.
new business ideas in bangalore
service that you may offer


8. catering business

  • Investment = 4 to 5 lakh
  • Earning = 1 lakh 20 thousand monthly ( Rs 4,000 daily).

small scale business opportunities in bangalore

Catering is a very popular business especially in developed cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

Don’t have enough time, No problem. You can start this business as a side business also. and work on it as a part-time.

9. Tea cafe: business ideas in Bangalore

business ideas in bangalore with low investment

you may have heard the big name like chai point, chaiyoos, Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store, Chaipatty etc.

Most of these tea cafes earn money in crores according to news reports.

small scale business

Here the price of Tea starts from Rs 60. They offer more than 5 variety of tea.

you must spend money on decoration and service.

Make the look of store appealing.

10. Game cafe: business opportunity in Bangalore

ideas for business

The gaming industry in India is growing very fast. specifically mobile gaming.

India is among the top 5 markets in the world for mobile gaming.

according to economic times, 89% of the revenue of gaming is generated from mobile only.

Why to gaming cafe is profitable business ideas for Bangalore:

  • Because of pubg mobile, many users have upgraded their phone to play smooth. but still, so many users are there who are interested in pubg mobile but can not afford a new smartphone.
  • Ping issue. If you are gamer then you know how irritating it is to play at high ping.
  • the video game is more enjoyable with friends. In a gaming cafe, you can find new friends and play with them.

11. Pharmacy store

startup business ideas in bangalore

The margin in medicine is good. There is some medicine on which you can get up to 60% margin.

But this business requires qualification. Don’t worry if you don’t have a degree in d-pharma or b-pharma.

you can still start this business. but you have to hire someone who has that specific qualification.

Reason for starting Pharmacy business in Bangalore:

  • no. of people suffering from diseases is increasing day by day especially in urban areas.
  • There are so many big hospitals in Bangalore, you can contact them for getting your shop inside the hospital.
  • bangalore has many online doctor consultancy and online medicine store, you can sell your medicine via them easily.

Business ideas investment and profit Table:

medicine small scale business


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