9 Business ideas in Delhi with low investment | earn 5,000 daily

Business ideas in delhi

I totally understand how hard it is choosing which business to start.

Here, I have shortlisted 9 extremely profitable business ideas in Delhi after analyzing more than 100 business ideas. That will help you in earning up to ₹ 5,000 daily easily.

I have mentioned the following important thing in every idea.

  • Steps to start that business from the beginning.

The best thing about these business ideas in Delhi with low investment:

  • It’s the second most populated city in the world.
  • Delhi has the fastest and largest growing retail industry.
  • employees are easily available.

1. Game parlor business ideas in Delhi

PUBG PUBG PUBG. you must be familiar with this exciting name. This single game revolutionized the gaming industry ( especially in India).

People in India want to play more games like this. but due to low specification smartphones, and Pc they cannot play it.

many times they killed by the enemy just because of lagging and freezing of screen due to low specs.

even some people have a good smartphone but they suffer a problem due to bad PING.

This is a new business idea in Delhi.

game parlour business ideas in delhi

Business idea Table:

INVESTMENT Rs 9,16,000
REQUIREMENT 50 Smartphone, 50 headphones, 2 employees, 20 Table, 80 Chair.
LOCATION Residential Area
EARNING  Rs 1.5 lakh per month. (if you get 50 customers daily)

Note: rent, employee charges not included in this because they vary according to region.

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2. Forest At Home business in Delhi

If you are Sandeep Maheshwari sir fan than you must hear about this business idea in his recent video.

If not then you can watch it here:

Now, I will tell you in very brief about the forest at home.

According to Nasa research pollution that is indoor in 10 times more dangerous than outdoor. As we spend 85% of our time indoor according to a case study.

so, we should more concerned about indoor pollution.

This forest will help in cleaning the internal pollution very effectively.

In this video, he discusses it from all angles and gave his opinion on how to make it successful in a shorter span of time easily.

This business will changes the market forever because awareness has already been done by him. Now you need the product only.

Reason for starting these business ideas in Delhi:

  • Delhi, no 1 polluted city in India.
  • This business will help in providing a better healthy life.
  • More educated people will be the majority of the customer for this business. so it will be easy to sell.
  • This is also an online business idea in Delhi so you will get customers easily.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Delhi are already mentioned in the video in a very simple way.

Business idea Table:

INVESTMENT 5 lakh to 6 Lakh
LOCATION online/offline

3. Franchise business idea in Delhi

Franchise is a license from the owner of a trademark or trade name permitting another to sell a product or service under that name or mark.

It’s a very simple and easy way to start making money. But you have to maintain everything as per the company demands.

you can make a change according to your choice.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Delhi:

1.Select a niche:

  • decide in which segment you want to franchise eg food ( McDonald, KFC etc), Cloth ( sparky, van Heusen, Killer etc).

2. Find franchisor:

  • just google related to your niche. You will get so many franchises.
  • A good franchisor will make your all work easy.

3. Agreement:

  • select the time period for which you want to run this franchise.

4. Payment:

  • You have to pay for the following things:
  • Royalty money
  • Service Fees
  • Management fee

5. Training:

  • They will provide you with every kind of training.

Business ideas table:

INVESTMENT Vary according to franchise you choose
REQUIREMENT As per company demands
LOCATION  Main market
Earning depends upon franchise you choose

4. Spectacles Shop small business ideas in Delhi

Spectacles are used for need as well as fashion. In Indian 2 or more than 2 people in every family use spectacles these days due to sight problem.

It is small business ideas in Delhi but it is capable of changing your financial life forever.

Wearing spectacles is also a fashion. Its evergreen type of business. People will keep on buying spectacles.

Spectacles business in delhi

Reason for starting this business in Delhi:

  • the craze in the youngster for fashion.
  • Can be sold online easily.
  • A person with sight defects cannot live without spectacles.

Types of products you can sell:

  • Frames
  • Lenses

Popular Lenses Include:

Steps for starting this profitable business ideas in Delhi:

  1. Do some research on location and then select the location for a store.
  2. You can buy frames and lenses from wholesaler, distributor or online from b2b websites like Indiamart.
  3. Do some advertisement and provide a huge discount for beginners on basis of mobile number.

Business ideas table:

REQUIREMENT Frames, Lenses
LOCATION Your choice
Earning 1.50 lakh per month ( assuming 20 to 30 customer purchasing daily of more than Rs 500).

The best thing about spectacles business is its high margin. Some products have a margin of up to 70%.

so even you sell less product then still you can make a lot of time. and easily expand your business.

5. Air protection mask business ideas in Delhi

Delhi, one of the most polluted cities. It is on No.6 in the whole world on the top most polluted cities list.

Government have taken so many initiatives to counter the problem but they failed every time. If you are moving to cities then it became compulsory for you to use the mask.

Air mask business ideaAir mask business ideas delhi


Most of the people who come to Delhi for tourism purpose faces a lot of problems because they are not accustomed to it.

Starting this business is very easy because it is based on a single product.

Reason for starting this best business Delhi:

  • Most polluted cities.
  • people are already aware of side effects.
  • They don’t want their child to get sick.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Delhi:

  1. take a store near a tourist area. and put a board with all stats about Delhi bad pollution. and its side effects.
  2. You can buy the product from wholesaler or online from Indiamart in bulk.
  3. Maintain hygiene as much possible.
  4. You can also connect to Amazon and Flipkart to sell it online.

Product variety and online buying link:

  • https://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/anti-pollution-masks.html  ( buying price Rs 7 per piece), (you can sell it at Rs 20 per piece)mask small business ideas
  • https://www.indiamart.com/proddetail/dust-mask-3m-9000ing-20391317988.html  (buying price Rs9.5 per piece), ( selling price Rs 30 piece).mask business
  • You can select different variety from indiamart. as I mentioned above.

Business ideas table:

LOCATION Tourism Area
Earning Rs 30,000 per month

6. Food for party business in Delhi.

There is always some kind of party maybe because of the anniversary, promotion in job, getting married, first baby, Birthday etc.

The main thing in the party that determine its success is food, quality food. A bad quality food or shortage of food can ruin any kind of party. You know it.

Now, I tell you how to convert this problem into business. Most of the people hire some local chef. They don’t have a better estimation. But you can use this as your power to start this business.

food catering business idea

“Your task is to prepare the ordered food and serve them accordingly.”

Business ideas table:

INVESTMENT  Rs 4 Lakh to 5 lakh
REQUIREMENT office, website, business card, Menu, 10 employees, big cooking pots, freezer, Micro oven, gas stove, chimney, Catering Serving Dishes
LOCATION place where you can get all the food item easily.
Earning Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand monthly. (If you get 30 customers per month)

Note: investment may be increase or decrease by 5% due to rent, employee charges etc.

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7. Mobile repair centre

Delhi had around 5 crores smartphone user despite having 1.70 crore population in 2014 according to a news report.

Now, It’s 2019. so in these 5-year smartphone market has boomed with a tremendous amount of growth. But you may have experienced the problem with a smartphone after 1 year of usage.

yes, it happen with most of the smartphone. Its either slow down or some hardware issue or battery problem starts happening frequently.

or maybe screen gets cracked charging pin of the phone gets malfunctioned.

mobile repair business in delhi

and we also know about the rude behaviour of most of the service centre. and after the warranty expires no one wanted to visit the service centre.

So starting a mobile repairing centre will be a great opportunity to make some quick money.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Delhi:


  • Do market research before selecting any location.
  • Always consider transportation cost and time. Both matters.
  • If a store is near your home, then It will be more convenient for you and save your money also.


  • Hire an experienced employee.
  • He will tell you about all the necessary equipment and machine for repairing.
  • You can also learn mobile repairing by doing a 2-month course easily.



  • mention your website on google my business and just dial.
  • Never bring your friend, relatives in your shop.
  • Duty time means duty, Do it with all honesty, And you get the result really soon.

Business ideas table:

INVESTMENT  Rs 70,000 ( You can start it with this investment), more the machine you have, more service you can provide)
REQUIREMENT  If you join the course then you will learn there, or you may ask the employee you hired. ( There are so many machines, it depends upon you which type of repair you are interested in)
LOCATION  Do market research for it
Earning Rs 40,000 and above easily.

Note: It’s better to learn the course yourself. There are so many machines that are used in repairing. but after doing the course you can easily make the decision.

Note: If you have trouble in finding institute for training, comment below I will help you in this.

8. Tea shop small business in delhi

You may think its very low profitable business. Let me clear it. Can you guess how much money a tea shop in the main market earns per month?

take your time.

tea making business in delhi

Now, I will tell you the correct estimate. Tea shop owner earns more than Rs 40,000 easily in tier 3 cities in the main market.

Yes, it’s real. If you do not believe just check how many cups they sold daily.

Now do some calculation.

For making one cup of tea it cost around Rs 1.5   assuming tea shop owner purchase all ingredients from wholesale.

and selling price of tea is around Rs 5 to 10.

if he sells more than 380 cups daily at a price of Rs 5 then his profit is above Rs 40,000 as I mentioned above.

but in reality, he sells more than 400 cups easily.

If you complete your graduation from a private college in any stream like an engineer. Then you got a maximum of Rs 15000 per month.

For detail estimation check out here:

♦Note: Delhi is in tier 1 cities.

Business ideas table:

INVESTMENT  Rs 3,000 ( not including rent)
REQUIREMENT shop, All tea making ingredient ( tea leaf, sugar, milk), kettle ( Rs 400), Tea making pan ( Rs 700), Teacup 100 pieces, different kind of biscuit, Stove
LOCATION main market or tourism area or corporate area or college. 
Earning Rs 40,000 per month

♦Note: You can buy a tea vending machine. It will make your task super easy. but its price starts from Rs 9,000.

9. Medicine store business ideas In Delhi

Pharmacy is one of the fastest growing industries in India. This business can run pretty well in any residential area also. In this business, you have to maintain hygiene properly.

medicine store business

always put in a stock of that medicine which are seasonal before starting of that particular season.

for eg when you know winter is coming, due to seasonal changes most people suffer from cold.

Let’s talk about margin.

There some category in it.

Over the counter  around 15%
Prescriptive medicines around 20%
Devices and Consumables around 30%
Surgical products 50% to 60%
Generic medicines 60% to 70%
Cosmetic items 8% to 13%

♦Note: There are some more categories that I haven’t mentioned here.

Steps for starting this profitable business in Delhi:

1. Qualification

  • At least one of the people on the shop must hold a degree in any of the following; D pharma/ B pharma.
  • that person must be in a shop in a working hour.

2. Legal Procedure

  •  Refer to this legal docs for in-depth detail on this.
  • you may contact indiafilling.com also. they will assist you for every query.

3.  Location

Must check following things for better profit

  • No. of a drug store in your area.
  • must check for the hospital, because the presence of the hospital can increase your profit exponentially.
  • doctor clinic, because all the patient will come to your store.

4. employee

  • for 10 by 15 sq ft store 2 to 3 employees will be enough.
  • If you have the d-pharma or b-pharm, degree then you don’t need to hire a degree-holding employee.

Business idea Table:

  • Computer and billing software. (Rs 20,000)
  • refrigerator ( Rs 10,000)
  • furniture work. (cost Rs 30,000)
  • 2 staff and 1 accountant
EARNING  Rs 50,000 to 60,000 easily.

let me know in a comment.
Also tell me in the comment, which business ideas you like most.

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