7 Best business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment

business ideas in Hyderabad

Today, I am going to discuss 7 Best business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment.

These businesses can make you rich quickly.

you can easily earn Rs 1,59,000  per month.

Just read each best business idea in Hyderabad and you can earn money easily.

I have mentioned the following details in every business Ideas:

  • How much investment is required?
  • is this business profitable or not?
  • How much I can earn monthly?
  • Steps required to start these businesses.

1. Tempered glass manufacturing: business ideas in Hyderabad

tempered glass business business in hyderabad with low investment

Business idea Table of tempered glass:

INVESTMENT Rs 1,60,000
REQUIREMENT machine, glass, computer
EARNING 4 Lakh per month

There are more than 70 lakh smartphone users in Hyderabad. And every user buys tempered glass also. so that its screen did not get crack. The smartphone market is growing faster than ever.

you can easily make tempered glass using the machine and can sell to the retailer, wholesalers, distributors offline and online easily in Hyderabad.

For buying a Tempered glass machine.

cost of manufacturing one tempered glass Rs 15 – Rs 18.
selling price in the offline market  Rs 100. 150. 200 etc
Selling price in the online market   Rs 70, 99, 150, 200, 250, 500, etc

you can easily earn Rs 70-200 on selling each tempered glass.

tempered glass business business in hyderabad with low investment

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2. T-shirt printing business 

T Shirt printing: booming business in Hyderabad

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT machine, plain Tshirt, paper, taper, Sheet computer
EARNING Rs 60000 /month

The investment required to start this interesting business is only Rs 50,000. The younger generation usually wore this type of T-shirt.

The best part of this business is, you can easily print the t-shirt without needing anyone help or you can make this a family business also. where your wife or child will print the T-shirt and you will have to sell in the market.

But the big question is how you will sell it?

It’s simple and I will tell you 2 ways for acquiring the customer:

  • You have talked to all the whole sellers who sold the t-shirt product to retailers. Then you have to persuade them to buy your products. because they are whole-sellers, so they will buy in bulk like 100 or more in a single purchase.
  • Register online. you can simply do it by visiting google link. It will help people in finding your store online or you can take order online and send the product using a courier. 

Where do I get these plain Tshirt?

  • you can buy it from whole sellers.
  • you can also buy it online.
  • Alibaba also sells it, but you have to pay customs charges for this.
Requirements Price buy Link
T-shirt printing machine 19,000 buy
Plain T-shirt Us $0.50 buy
Sublimation Paper Rs 499 buy
Sublimation Tape Rs 300 buy
Teflon Sheets Rs 520 Buy

#you have to buy some of the items from Alibaba. If you don’t know how to purchase from Alibaba then you can comment and I will help.

Step by step guide to starting your t-shirt printing business.

3. Catering business ideas in Hyderabad

catering business plan: business oppurtunity in hyderabad

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT machine, plain Tshirt, paper, taper, Sheet computer
EARNING Rs 4 lakh /month


Catering is the business of providing food service at a desired site or a site such as a wedding, party, hotel, hospital, aircraft, cruise ship, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or event venue.

For this best business in Hyderabad, you need to be good at managing things. Because this business is all about management.

You can also make this catering business online and you can get a customer from all over Hyderabad. 

Rich people don’t want to waste their time in making an arrangement of food. And it also affects their social status.

so, giving the food service to others for any events is the best option for them. 

For steps and how to earn money from catering business you must read these articles:

4. Freelancing 

 Freelancing: best business to start in Telangana

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT laptop, Internet
EARNING Rs 50,000 /month

A freelancer means a person who is self-employed.

In freelancing, you are not committed to any company. You have to find the project online and you have finished that task in a given time period after that you will get your money and you are free.

You can register on a freelancer website for free.you do not need to pay a single penny for this.

Awesome benefits of freelance works:

  • You can work from anywhere. you can be on a beach, hotel, airplane, etc
  • you can decide the works according to your choice and interest.
  • No fixed time schedule, you can work anytime in 24 hours, but you have to finish the task in the given time.

Video tutorial for getting a project from freelancer:

video description: This video will show you step by step process for finding the project on freelancer in an easy way.

Tips on getting a job quickly on freelancer ( Video):

5. Tea Shop small: Best business in Hyderabadtea shop: small business ideas in Hyderabad

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT machine, ingredient, kettle
EARNING Rs 40,000 /month

You may think I am joking. But no.

I am serious. This new business ideas in Hyderabad with low investment can help you in earning huge money.

6 steps to start a tea shop business. Profit margin, Plan and investment(Read now)

Location: It matters most in the tea shop business in Hyderabad, If you get a good location like in the main market or in the major cities then you can easily sell more than 500 cups. It’s not a big deal. because most of the shop owner continuously order tea for their high profile customer.

How to get customer quickly:

  • Get a monthly contract with big shop owners. because of this, you can easily earn money without worrying about the customer. You can sell more than 100 cups just from 1 shop owner. These shop owners order 100 of cups because of their own loyal and rich customer.
  • Build a brand like Starbucks. In Starbucks price of 1 cup tea is Rs 999. you can imagine how a brand can improve your earning. People come to Starbucks only because of its name. so build up your tea shop name in the market so that people cross mile to come to your shop just for a cup of tea.

6. Cloth shop best business in Hyderabad

cloth shop best business in Hyderabad

Business idea Table:

INVESTMENT Rs 5 to 8 lakh
EARNING Rs 1 lakh /month


  • Advantage: You can also sell online on an e-commerce website.

cloth selling is one of the best business. It is an evergreen business. 

In this business, your sales increase during the festival and wedding season. But Throughout the season people are constantly buying cloth.

Reasons for buying new clothes:

  • Sometimes they buy because their cloth gets old.
  • maybe they are going on vacation.
  • Corporate events.
  • Anniversary parties.
  • Festival like Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.
  • wedding season ( In this season highest and costliest garments are sold).

There are thousands of reasons for buying new clothes. 

Tips for getting success in the clothing business:

  • In this business, you have to be more focused on retention. Retention means you have to make your customer loyal to you so that from next time they always come to your shop for purchasing new clothes.
  • Never lower the price than market value, It is dangerous for all.
  • Learn negotiation technique, It will always help you in selling quickly and will save you time. 

7. Mobile printed back cover business in Hyderabad

back cover printed business in Hyderabad
Sample design. You can make any kind of design. You can also use google image for this

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT same as Tshirt printing
EARNING Rs 2 lakh /month

This business is pure gold. There is a huge amount of margin in this business. And the time required to prepare one printed back cover is less than 15 sec.

You can easily print various kinds of design behind the cover and can sell it for higher prices like Rs 99, 150 400, etc.

This product has online demand also. You can easily sell it on all online platform and you can earn a huge profit in a short period of time. This type of product doesn’t require branding so much. You can also feel this, do you think of any company before buying back cover.

the simple answer is no!

That’s why I say this business is very profitable and even you can work on this business as a part-time also by selling it online in your free time.

Where can I get these plain back cover?

you can buy it from Alibaba. Price is negotiable so be aware. In general, its price is $0.25 but after negotiating you can buy for the even lower price also.

Where can I get the machine for printing?

This machine can do both back cover printing as well as Tshirt printing. Buying this machine can be helpful if you are thinking of starting both businesses.

How will I learn to use this machine?

Don’t worry. the company provides full training for free.

  • Investment: 50,000 to 60,000
  • Profit: 2 lakh per month ( If you sold 100 daily online and offline at a price more than Rs 100)
  • Requirements: same as Tshirt printing. except buying plain Tshirt.

let me know in a comment.
Also tell me in the comment, which business ideas you like most.



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