Business ideas in pune with low investment

business ideas in pune with low investment

Pune is the city of business. As per latest report by a news its among the top 10 cities in India to start any business.

But I will tell you 9 working business ideas in Pune with low investment. These ideas will make your future more comfortable.

All 9 business ideas have great income potential with very small investment.

some business ideas can be started as part-time and from home also.

you can earn 1 lakh per month with these business ideas. so read all 9 business ideas in pune with low investment.

every idea has great opportunity to earn a lot of money in Pune, you must read the article to end to make the clear decision and to get safe from big losses. 

This gives huge business opportunity for pune peoples. 

Best things about starting these business ideas in Pune.

  • ‎Pune among evolving business centres and nine emerging cities around the world with the citation “Hosts IT and automotive companies”.
  • ‎Seventh most populous city in the country.
  • The ‘Mercer 2017 Quality of Living Rankings’ evaluated living conditions in more than 440 cities around the world and ranked Pune 2nd position in India.
  • Easy availability of skilled person.
  • Good transportation system.
  • Easy availability of raw material.

1. website and app making business.

website business in pune

Every business needs a website now, it’s a great way to improve your visibility in the competitive market.

Pune city has more number of business owner as compared to several other cities.  It gives a huge opportunity to get the market share easily and quickly

As per the report, every small business wants their website to sell product/service online. but these small businessmen do not know how to make these websites. 

You can use it as an advantage by starting a business which makes websites on demand. 

I have seen people are charging Rs 5000 to 15000 per website. So it’s a great opportunity.

Within 2-3 month if you will get 3 order daily, then you can make a total profit of 50,000 daily.


30,000 TO 70,000 depends upon how many people you will hire.

The demand for an android/IOS app is spreading like fire in the market. almost every big brand has its app. Now small business owner are also moving toward this.


  • You have to hire a web developer for this. you can easily find by posting a job on job portal website like, etc.
  • You need an app developer also.
  • One salesperson to contact business owner. 
  • Take a one-room office with internet facility.

Now, so many software are available in the market through which any person who has zero coding skills can also make website and App

But it takes 2 to 3-month training to use that software easily. 

  • You can use WordPress, Wix for making a website with zero coding skills.
  • You can use appypie, thunkable etc for making app with zero coding.

website and app making business ideas in pune

website and app business ideas in pune
price of making website image taken from freelancer website.

If you don’t have time for this, then you can learn how to make website through WordPress and do the part-time job on freelancer, upwork, fiverr etc. 

Want to earn money instantly by online part time job?

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2. Recruitment consultant business

recruitment consultancy business in pune

In India a huge number of people are unemployed. companies like Flipkart, reliance, tata etc don’t get high quality employee.

Big companies want quality and skilled employee, they are ready to pay higher wage. But the problem is  shortage of skilled person.

pune city is filled with youngster because of lot of different college mostly engineering.

you can start a recruitment consultancy business in pune with low investment to provide them job in right companies at appropriate wages.

All you have do is to contact companies.

So many companies have tie-up with recruitment consultancy to get employee without headache because hiring right person in company is most difficult task.

Reason for working on this business ideas in pune:

  • Huge no. of engineering student in pune.
  • Companies want good employee.
  • Charge money from company for providing employee.
  • Some recruitment consultant charge from employee.
  • They charge Rs 10,000 from company for single employee.
  • Huge earning potential

The question is what you have to do?

  1. contact different company and get orders.
  2. contact college student and take their interview.

That’s all.

3. Baby care centre in Pune

baby care center business in pune

Not only in Pune but in all metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata this business is skyrocketing.

Reason for working on this business ideas in Pune city:

  • In developed city woman also do jobs and run business.
  • They don’t have free time as their husband is also engaged in job.
  • Woman come from tier 3 cities in Pune for job and they don’t know anyone here.
  • Very few baby care centres are available in Pune.
  • Sometime after divorce husband have to care about the baby.

Services that you can offer:

  • Babysitter provider.
  • Baby single daycare service.( when women have to attend function, wedding).
  • Baby playground where they can play and interact. ( it helps in mental growth of baby).
  • Baby care product like Diaper, baby walker, Toys etc.

This business has great earning opportunity. You can run this business along with your wife. To gain the trust of customer.

This business is more suitable for the female.

But male can also start this business, you have to hire a female employee for this.

Don’t decide now read all ideas before deciding.

Growth rate of baby care center market in India

growth rate of child care center in india
data given by

4. Industry ready course business

training center business maharashtra

In the upcoming year, so many institutes have started where they make the engineering industry ready.

Our education system and industry/company requirements have a big difference which became the barrier getting job ( fresher).

This institute teaches many different courses as per student stream.

Like if they are from computer science stream then they teach the course like Android studio, Big data handling, machine learning, RBA, Language course ( python, java etc).

These are those courses which college don’t teach but industry have very high demand for it.

But this business is seasonal because student generally does this type of courses in semester holiday.

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune:

  • Huge number of colleges in Pune.
  • Student have keen interest in learning this type of courses.
  • High earning potential.
  • Low investment.
  • Better for those who wanted the seasonal business.

Popular course :

  • Android studio
  • Ethical hacking
  • Autocad ( civil, mechanical, electrical)
  • Staad pro
  • Machine learning
  • Automation
  • Tally.ERP ( accounting software
  • Office
  • Web design

Just check the market by interacting with the student. Visit college and meet face to face with the student to know in which courses they have more interest.

It’s better to start this business near the college to get student easily.

It will save your advertisement cost also.

5. Quick service restaurant

quick service restaurants business idea

What is QSR( quick service restaurant)?

It is fast food restaurant which serves food quickly. like Mcdonald, KFC etc.

quick service restaurant growth rate in india
economics time article on growth rate of QSR (quick service restaurant).

Reason for working on this business ideas in Pune:

  • Huge population of the youngsters.
  • College students.
  • Exponential growth rate.( this is the main reason for coming off a foreign brand like KFC etc.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Online order and deliver at home opportunity.
  • Its 51,000 crores rupees industry in India.
  • You can start this business as franchisee also.
  • Pune is a busy city where everyone wants things too quick.

How to grow this business quickly

Watch this video of Dr Vivek Bindra

6. Old Books business in pune

2nd hand book business ideas

2nd hand buying and selling of book business have great opportunity Puneune.

You have to contact students of all different college of Pune during new session and offer them book at the lowest price from the market.

No any student in all over the world want to invest money on Book. So if you give them at low cost then they will surely buy it.

You can also sell notes to get extra income. Students are interested in Notes to learn more things in less time.

7. coaching institute

coaching institute business ideas pune

Because of college student’s, this coaching business will run like water. So many students want to prepare for higher studies like master degree. 

For this, they need coaching centre for preparation. Now Delhi is coaching centre hub for all students for higher studies preparation.

Some students are want to prepare for IES, GATE, PSU and state govt. Job also. For this, they also need a coaching centre.

By opening coaching centre in Pune, you can tap this student from going to Delhi for preparation.

8. Automobile parts

Maharashtra is Known for automobile manufacturing. This business ideas in Pune has great advantage Because of easy availability of market and raw material.

India is on 4th rank for selling highest no. of car unit. India overtook Germany in 2018 for selling highest no. of cars.

India sells total of 60 lakh to 70 lakh car unit per year. It’s a huge opportunity for automobile parts making business owner.

automobile parts business ideas in pune
Automobile industry rank 5th in terms of earnings growth rate among All industry.

This business is evergreen business. Automobile’s always needed maintenance and repairing after fix period.

This is machine, it always Gets damaged. 

Reason for working on this business ideas in Pune:

  • Big market.
  • easy availability of skilled person.
  • easy availability of Raw material.
  • You can easily contact with automobile company to make parts for them.
  • You can sell these parts online.
  • you can also start this business by taking the franchise.

Big companies wanted to avoid more complex things. so they give order to these automobile parts making companies instead of making on on their own.

9. Freelancer

freelance in pune

First, I will tell you what freelancing is actually?

Freelancing means working from anywhere as self-employed. No long terms bond.

There are so many website from where you can get freelance works.

Some of the best freelance website:

The best thing about this business ideas in pune is you can start this from home and or anywhere. 

people are making 2,000 to 10,000 rupees daily.

You have to just find project related to your skills.

If you want to make more money then just take foreign project only ( mainly from US, UK, France etc.)

Requirement for this business:

  • Laptop
  • internet connection.
  • English language ( for foreign project).

Reason for working on this business ideas in pune:

  • Part-time based.
  • Home/ anywhere.
  • Jobs are always available.
  • You can work on only holiday also.
  • Best for girl/women/men.
  • No Boss.

Cons of this business

  • Once you accept the project and commit the time, then you can’t delay it.
  • Tough to get a job with zero reviews.
  • Competition high.

You need a PayPal account for getting payment from foreign client. It takes 3-4 days for verification.

so it’s better to get it verified before starting.

manufacturing business is in trend. Looking for manufacturing business ideas?

must read the below article.

Low Investment Manufacturing Business ideas

That’s all.

If you want to ask anything related to above ideas, ask me directly in the comment.

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