11 Business ideas in pune with low investment: Earn 3500 daily

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business ideas in pune with low investment

I will tell you 9 working business ideas in Pune with low investment.

All 9 business ideas have great income potential with a very small investment.

some business ideas can be started part-time and from home also.

you can Earn 1 lakh per month with these business ideas. so read all 9 business ideas in Pune with low investment.

This gives a huge business opportunity for Pune peoples.

Best things about starting these business ideas in Pune:

  • ‎Pune among evolving business centers and nine emerging cities around the world with the citation “Hosts IT and automotive companies”.
  • Easy availability of a skilled person.

1. website and app making business

Every business needs a website now, it’s a great way to improve your visibility in the competitive market.

website business in pune

Business idea Table:

INVESTMENT 30,000 TO 70,000
REQUIREMENT web developer, sales guy, laptop, Internet. 
EARNING 2 Lakh per month 

Pune city has more number of business owners as compared to several other cities. It gives a huge opportunity to get the market share easily and quickly.

As per the report, every small business wants its website to sell products/services online. but these small businessmen do not know how to make these websites.

You can use it as an advantage by starting a business that makes websites on demand.

I have seen people are charging Rs 5000 to 15000 per website. So it’s a great opportunity.

Within 2-3 months if you will get 3 orders daily, then you can make a total profit of 15,000 daily.

Why you should start this business:

  • INVESTMENT: 30,000 TO 70,000 depends upon how many people you will hire.
  • The demand for an android/IOS app is spreading like fire in the market.
  • Every big brand has an app. Now a small business owner is also moving toward this.

Requirements of the website business:

  • You have to hire a web developer for this. you can easily find by posting a job on job portal websites like naukri.comtheindiajob.com, etc.
  • You need an app developer also.
  • One salesperson to contact the business owner.
  • Take a one-room office with internet facility.

Now, so many software are available in the market through which any person who has zero coding skills can also make website and App

But it takes 2 to 3-month training to use that software easily.

  • You can use WordPress, Wix for making a website with zero coding skills.
  • You can use appypie, thunkable, etc for making app with zero codings.

website and app making business ideas in pune

If you don’t have time for this, then you can learn how to make the website through WordPress and do the part-time job on freelancers, up work, Fiverr, etc.

2. Recruitment consultant business

In India a huge number of people are unemployed. Most of the companies facing trouble in hiring.

So instead of taking this burden then outsourced the hiring process to other companies.

recruitment consultancy business in pune

outsourcing means other companies will hire do the hiring process.

It helps in increasing the efficiency of the company.

Big companies want quality and skilled employees, they are ready to pay higher wages. But the problem is the shortage of skilled personnel.

Pune city is filled with youngsters because of a lot of different colleges mostly engineering.

you can start a recruitment consultancy business in Pune with low investment to provide them a job in the right companies at appropriate wages.

Steps to run this business:

  • All you have do is to contact companies.
  • So many companies have a tie-up with a recruitment consultancy to get employees without a headache because hiring the right person in a company is the most difficult task.

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT Sales guy, technical guys for interviews
EARNING 1 Lakh per month 

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune:

  • Huge no. of an engineering student in Pune.
  • Companies want a good employee.
  • Charge money from the company for providing the employee.
  • Some recruitment consultant charges from an employee.
  • They charge Rs 10,000 from the company for a single employee.
  • Huge earning potential

The question is what you have to do?

  • contact the different companies and get tenders.
  • contact college students and take their interviews.

That’s all.

3. Baby care center in Pune

baby care center business in pune

Business idea Table:

INVESTMENT 2 to 3 lakh
REQUIREMENT baby sitter, toys 
EARNING 2 Lakh per month 

Not only in Pune but in all metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata this business is skyrocketing.

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune city:

  • In developed city women also do jobs and run business.
  • They don’t have free time as their husband is also engaged in the job.
  • Women come from tier 3 cities in Pune for the job and they don’t know anyone here.
  • Very few baby care centers are available in Pune.
  • Sometimes after divorce husband has to care about the baby.

Services that you can offer:

  • Babysitter provider.
  • Baby single daycare service. ( when women have to attend function, wedding).
  • A baby playground where they can play and interact. ( it helps in the mental growth of baby).
  • Baby care products like Diaper, baby walker, Toys, etc.

This business has a great earning opportunity. You can run this business along with your wife. To gain the trust of the customer.

This business is more suitable for the female.

But males can also start this business, you have to hire a female employee for this.

Don’t decide now read all ideas before deciding.

4. Industry ready course business

training center business maharashtra

In the upcoming year, so many institutes have started where they make the engineering industry-ready.

Our education system and industry/company requirements have a big difference which became the barrier getting job ( fresher).

This institute teaches many different courses as per the student stream.

Like if they are from the computer science stream then they teach the course like Android studio, Big data handling, machine learning, RBA, Language course ( python, java, etc).

These are those courses which college don’t teach but industry have a very high demand for it.

But this business is seasonal because student generally does this type of courses in semester holiday.

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune:

  • A huge number of colleges in Pune.
  • The student has a keen interest in learning this type of course.
  • High earning potential.
  • Low investment.
  • Better for those who wanted the seasonal business.

Popular course :

  • Android studio
  • Ethical hacking
  • Autocad ( civil, mechanical, electrical)
  • Staad pro
  • Machine learning
  • Automation
  • Tally.ERP ( accounting software
  • Office
  • Web design

Just check the market by interacting with the student. Visit college and meet face to face with the student to know in which courses they have more interest.

It’s better to start this business near the college to get students easily.

It will save your advertisement cost also.

5. Quick service restaurant

restaurant business ideas in pune

What is QSR ( quick-service restaurant)?

It is a fast-food restaurant which serves food quickly. like Mcdonald, KFC, etc.

quick service restaurant growth rate in india

economics time article on growth rate of QSR (quick service restaurant).

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune:

  • A huge population of youngsters.
  • College students.
  • Exponential growth rate ( this is the main reason for coming off a foreign brand like KFC etc).
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Online order and delivery at home opportunity.
  • Its 51,000 crores rupees industry in India.
  • You can start this business as a franchisee also.
  • Pune is a busy city where everyone wants things too quickly.

How to grow a Restaurant business quickly:

Watch this video of Dr. Vivek Bindra

6. Old Books business in Pune

2nd hand book business ideas

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT Books, Class notes, stationery items, photocopy machine
EARNING  Rs60,000 /month

2nd hand buying and selling of book business have great opportunity Pune.

You have to contact students of all different colleges of Pune during new sessions and offer the book at the lowest price from the market.

No students all over the world want to invest money in books. So if you give them at low cost then they will surely buy it.

You can also sell notes to get an extra income. Students are interested in Notes to learn more things in less time.

7. coaching institute

coaching institute business ideas pune

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT Teaching skills
EARNING Rs 80,000 /month 

Because of college students, this coaching business will run like water. So many students want to prepare for higher studies like master’s degrees.

For this, they need a coaching center for preparation. Now Delhi is a coaching center hub for all students for higher studies preparation.

Some students are want to prepare for IES, GATE, PSU, and state govt. Job also. For this, they also need a coaching center.

By opening the coaching center in Pune, you can tap this student from going to Delhi for preparation.

8. Automobile parts

Maharashtra is Known for automobile manufacturing. This business idea in Pune has great advantages Because of the easy availability of market and raw material.

India is on 4th rank for selling the highest no. of car units. India overtook Germany in 2018 for selling the highest no. of cars.

India sells a total of 60 lakh to 70 lakh car units per year. It’s a huge opportunity for automobile parts to make the business owners.

This is a machine, it always Gets damaged.

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune:

  • Big market.
  • easy availability of skilled personnel.
  • easy availability of Raw material.
  • You can easily contact with an automobile company to make parts for them.
  • You can sell these parts online.
  • you can also start this business by taking the franchise.

Big companies wanted to avoid more complex things. so they give order to these automobile parts making companies instead of making on on their own.

9. Wedding planner

People invest money at weddings like crazy. They want the wedding to be perfect.

Perfect candid photography, Perfect decoration, tasty food. They want everything to be of top-notch.

weddin planner business in pune

Why you should start this business:

  • People spend money like crazy.
  • very high earning potential.
  • You can make your own brand and you can easily expand your business in all big cities.

Before you dive into this business, You must get some expertise of at least 6 months.

Because one small mistake and you are out of business forever.

Recommended course for a wedding planner:

Wedding planner MBA: the complete how to start 4-in-1 course

It’s online and it hardly cost you Rs 700.

10. Logistic business

big investment business ideas pune

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT warehouse, Delivery guys, bike
EARNING 2 Lakh per month 

In logistic business, you move the products of other companies from their location to the desired location.

for eg. companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc they have their own logistics but that handle around 35% of products only.

Remaining 65% of products are moved to customer destinations from storage by other logistics companies.

Now, because of digitalization in India, most of the companies are offering home delivery options.

here you can take advantage.

Steps to start a logistics business:

  • You have to first do the registration of your business that is best suited for you.
  • Then contacts different companies provide the best services and they will always be your loyal and you will get recurring income from them.

11. Graphic design

graphic design business in Maharashtra

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT High-end graphics laptop
EARNING 2 Lakh per month 

with the advancement, in computer systems, graphic work now became easy to afford.

A graphic designer has various opportunities. They can easily start their own business.

But I recommend them only who have at least 2 years of experience in this field.

services that you can offer are:

  • photo editing
  • video editing
  • graphics work used in advertisement
  • You can also get an offer from the film industry too. But for this, you need big contact and a good network.

But if your quality is top-notch then people will notice you and they will contact you.

It is a very high paying business.

12. Freelancer

freelance in pune

Business idea Table:

REQUIREMENT Laptop, good internet connection
EARNING 2 Lakh per month 

First, I will tell you what freelancing is actually?

Freelancing means working from anywhere as self-employed. No long terms bond.

There are so many websites from where you can get freelance works.

Some of the best freelance website:

The best thing about this business idea in Pune is:

  • you can start this from home and or anywhere.
  • people are Earning 2,000 to 10,000 rupees daily.

You have to just find a project related to your skills.

If you want to make more money then just take a foreign project only ( mainly from US, UK, France, etc.)

The requirement for this business:

  • Laptop
  • internet connection.
  • English language ( for the foreign project).

Reason for working on this business idea in Pune:

  • Part-time based.
  • Home/ anywhere.
  • Jobs are always available.
  • You can work on only a holiday also.
  • Best for girls/women/men.
  • No Boss.

Cons of this business

  • Once you accept the project and commit the time, then you can’t delay it.
  • Tough to get a job with zero reviews.
  • Competition is very high.

You need a PayPal account for getting payment from foreign clients. It takes 3-4 days for verification.

so it’s better to get it verified before starting.

13. Blogging

blogging business idea puneBusiness idea Table:

REQUIREMENT Laptop, good internet connection
EARNING 43,000 / month 

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money. 

In blogging first, you have to choose any topic. The topic can be anything like tech, pets, health, fashion, etc.

Its good business ideas in Pune because of good wifi speed.

Now follow these steps:

  1. First, get a domain name. eg www.abc.com (domain per year cost is Rs 499)
  2. get hosting. hosting means a server where your content will be stored. (Rs 99/ month).
  3. Get WordPress to write content. WordPress is free.
  4. Now get advertisement approval from Adsense on your website.
  5. after that, you will get paid per click on an ad by users.

After 6 months of work, you can earn 43,000 per month without any issue.

Now, It’s your turn

Do you need any help, or facing any kind of problem-related to any business?

Let me know in the comment. Also, tell me which business ideas you like most.

You can send an email at inzamamsafi007@gmail.com

My official Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/bking.in/

you can send a message for discussion.


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Shridhar Joshi · at 12:23 pm

I am a St Electrical Engineer with 25 years of International projects experience. I have recently relocated to Pune’ which is my birth place. I am looking for finding a relevant business for next 15 years at least. Can you give me some help in this?

    inzamam · at 4:32 am

    sure, I will help you. you can ask me any questions related to business.

Shridhar Joshi · at 7:03 pm

I have good health, can work long hours, good English, can get along well with people, I can adopt to different situations & I am systematic & Disciplined
I am good at Engineering, Design, Project Management & can handle people well
I am bad at selling, bad at verbal negotiations, can not understand people well & in general soft in negotiations
I want to start earning a regular income of Rs 25,000 without spending too much time daily. These will be my monthly expenses.
Then I want to devote my time for building some Engineering business like Design / consultancy / Testing & Commissioning services / O & M contracts / Technical Training/ Coaching classes
I am really not sure, how to go about it or whether I should be trying something else
Can you give me some advice for clarity of thought & some hard facts about how to build a long lasting business Also, how to find market needs & get customers

    Anonymous · at 4:57 pm

    Hi Shridhar,
    I am also from Pune and looking to start a business. Can you please call me on 8766410824 so that we can discuss accordingly.

      Devendra Kharat · at 9:04 pm

      I am thinking of starting a bakery business as same as German bakery. thinking of European style bakeries. our bakeries b only serve some muffins, toasts, cookies or buns.

        Asmi singh · at 12:14 pm

        Even I wanaa start my coffee shop in pune

    Prashant · at 5:00 pm

    Hi Shridhar,
    I am also from Pune and want to start a business. Can you please call me on 8766410824 so that we can discuss accordingly.

    inzamam · at 5:01 pm

    you should try freelancing in same the field of your experience. after getting too many client you can start hiring people. and you can earn easily without working. all you have to do is to find the client.
    any more query?

    Ravi Jadhav · at 10:29 am

    Mr.Shridhar ,You having vast experience in T&C, you can start a business where you can train young engineers for job oriented crash courses. You can create a training plan, training program by your vast experience and can start delivery of trainings.

Taher Vohra · at 1:17 pm

Sir I am studying BBA IB in pune. I am in first year now so i want to gain some experience and to collect some money for my future plans. So where can i invest my time so it can help me in future? Please can you help me regarding this. Your above article was very helpful for me. Thank you

    inzamam · at 12:59 pm

    you should read books on business. here are some recommended list:
    1. rich dad poor dad
    2. think and grow rich
    3. how to win friend and influence people
    4. one thing.

    these book will always help you in business.

      Shareef · at 2:47 am

      Plz suggest small restaurant business.

Nilesh Gangale · at 8:34 pm

Can you please guide me for any Pharma or Health related Business

    Sandeep sarode · at 11:49 am

    I have a business plan of study rooms just like library in an parking area of 2000 sq.ft any one can help me with project report ?please mail me if anyone interested

      Omkar · at 8:23 pm

      Hi I also hv this idea can you reply me on my mail..

Shebaaz Shaikh · at 7:38 am

Thanks for the Article.
Please suggest a place in Pune to open quick serving restaurant.

Kishore · at 5:24 am

Hi, I am kishore and I had experience of 19 years in sales and marketing, earlier i was having franchise of
kompass .com which is B2B portal for domestic and export business promotions. since 2011 i was trading in laboratory equipment for colleges and institutes but that business is not much potential from last 3 years because of payment problem in engg. colleges.
I did M.Sc (physics) and M.BA and looking for the franchisee for sales and marketing in industry, because I have good contacts in pune industry specially automobile and ancillaries industry.
Can you please suggest me international product which i can sell in Pune and India.

    Ram Ambhure · at 11:22 am

    I am living in Pune. I want to business which has potential

Uma · at 9:07 am


Ashok · at 11:40 pm

the awesome business idea u discussed but i want the service oriented business idea that provide regular services to the technical industry like manage network and resourses, so if u have any idea about this plzzz convey to me.

Amol Jadhav · at 12:11 pm

Hi I m mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience in Procurement and product development.
I m also Interested in new startup.

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