How to start game parlour business ( steps, plan, investment)

game parlour business plan

Gaming business is showing huge growth. And specially 2 games that revolutionized the gaming industry are PUBG and fortnite.

Profit in this business: Rs 1.5 lakh from 1st month.

PUBG has total 40 crores player across all platform. Today, I will tell you the quick and easiest way to start gaming parlour.

Why to start this pubg mobile game parlour business:

  • It is not implemented yet in india.
  • Most player faces difficulty because of slow internet speed.
  • Some people have no friend, so they can easily find squad here.
  • In india there is mostly console, arcade gaming parlour, pubg mobile parlour is unique.
  • You don’t have to pay for game, its available for free.


video game parlour plan

READ till the end to get the full knowledge of this super interesting business.

In this gaming parlour business plan you need only one game that is PUBG mobile

So you don’t have to investment money on buying game.

Requirements OF gaming parlour business:

  • 50 Smartphone 
  • 50 headphone
  • 2 employee
  • 20 Table
  • 80 Chair.
  • A room divided into compartment.
  • 2 employee
  • A small canteen for basic food ( cold drink, juice, samosa, lays etc).

Reason for starting game parlour cafe:

  • so many peoples smartphone have low specs.
  • having keen interest in this game.
  • they want to play this game in squad ( so they will bring friends with them more people are money)

Now, I will tell you how you can use these problem and turn it into a profitable business within “1 month”

game cafe business

video game parlour business plan (steps):

  1. get a hall type area around big residential area. Buy round table and chair for squad. And get a good lan connection.
  2. Use ply to make different compartment so that they don’t get irritated by noise of other players.
  3. Do some decoration that give feeling of game.
  4. setup canteen inside it.
  5. buy 50 smart phone ( Rs 15,000 per smartphone).
  6. Buy 50 noise cancellation headphones with mic ( Rs 2000 per head phone).

How to earn money from gaming parlour business:

  • monthly subscription fees, just like gym.
  • you can charges on daily basis. for eg Rs 100 for 24 hr.
  • on the basis of no. of hour play for eg Rs 25 for 1 hour.
  • people who have smartphone but come here because of good lan connection. you can charges them differently.

Total investment for gaming cafe/parlour in India:

  • Rs 9,16,000 ( around 9 lakh)
  • You can buy 2nd hand smart phone also. and using this technique your total investment will beame Rs 5 lakh.

Total profit in video game parlour business (is starting a gaming parlour business profitable):

  • Rs 1.5 lakh from 1st month if you are able to get 50 users daily.
  • Service charges is very low, because the life of one smartphone is around 3 to 4 years.
  • Yes starting gaming parlour business is profitable.

Future of this gaming parlour business plan:

  • you can add up pc, console gaming also.
  • You can organize gaming tournament event at national and international level also.

Business ideas TABLE:video game cafe business plan

License requirements for gaming parlour business:

Read this article. It’s simple and 3 steps process.

How to get Gaming cafe franchise:

If you are not interested in starting mobile gaming cafe, then you can take a franchise which offer console games and arcade gaming like billiards etc

you can take play 360 lounge franchise.

play 360 lounge is a gaming parlour company which also offer franchise.

Franchise Facts:

  • Area Required: 450-900 sq feet
  • Investment: Rs. 20 lac – Rs. 30 lac
  • Franchise/Brand Fee: Rs. 100000 – Rs. 150000

What play 360 offers?

  • Established successful brand
  • High growth market
  • Strong corporate culture
  • Easy to operate
  • Daytime business hours
  • Flexibility of schedule

for more details about play 360 lounge franchise visit here. using this link you can directly apply for franchise.

Here is one video of play 360 brand

video description: In this video he showcase the gaming parlour with full details. It’s a 3:52 min video

5 thoughts on “How to start game parlour business ( steps, plan, investment)”

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  2. Mohd Modassirul Haque

    I want to start a PC gaming parlor.
    What are the requirements to play games on pc?
    How to start games like Toda 2, PUBG, Call of Duty, etc. on a computer?
    Do I need to use an emulator to play these game on PC?

  3. Yup bro u need a emulator to play mobile games on pc and u can also include pc popular games for eg DotA 2 ,csgo ,league of legends (which I think is free pc games on steam now and also have too many players ) also u can include open world games and must include GTA 5 becuase u know the better if u played GTA series and in India if u only provide GTA 5 in ur gaming parlour still ur gaming parlour will run properly ,,other AAA title like ac origins ,modern combat,2k series and you can search for popular games which have a good player base

    Note : – if u are really want to open a gaming parlour u have to open in a residential area and pls don’t think to setup a gaming parlour becuase only few people will come to play in a gaming parlour others will play at home ,so I recommend u that u can open parlour in a middle class residential area

    I hope I have answerd ur question properly

    All the best for your new gaming parlour buisness

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