How does loco and other quiz app earn money

loco app how it earn money

Loco app has been downloaded 1 million times and its number keep on growing exponentially.

Almost in every corner people in the group are playing this game insanely.

so many people have earn money from loco and other quiz apps.

But one question that is revolving in everyone mind is how does loco and other quiz app earn money?

In this post, I will tell you about how do loco and another quiz app like Live trivia, Top Quiz, Mob Show etc. earn money.

First I will tell you about Loco app.


How does loco app earn money?

Let me clear one thing, Google doesn’t pay a single penny for downloads. No matter, how many times your app gets downloaded 100 times or 1 million times. They don’t pay for it.

Google pay you only if you have monetized your app through AdMob (AdMob is a mobile advertising company that let you put an AD on your app just like YouTube).

Then how loco earn money?

From my case studies, loco is now making money through only one way that is SMS.

Let me explain how loco making through SMS.

After downloading and installing this app you need to sign up. For sign up, they ask you for the mobile number to register after providing they number they send otp and then you confirm it.

Now they get your mobile number, now they got almost 1million mobile number and they give this mobile number to an ad agency for money. AD agency pay lot of money to developer or owner of this app.

After this the ad agency will send you SMS like:

  • Get your loan from this bank at the lowest interest rate
  • You have been shortlisted to apply for multiple credit card.
  • Get 5 days Paris trip for at 50% discount. etc.

Why is loco app giving a lot of money for free?

There is only and only one obvious reason that is to increase the customer base. They are just using the same business method like JIO. First, give them for free so that they get addicted then charges the money.

After they will get sufficient customer base they can earn money by following ways:

How mobile app earn money?

After they will get sufficient customer base they can earn money by following ways:

  1. Third part ad: they will register on AdMob and show an ad on the app. Whenever anyone will click on Ad they will get paid
  1. Sponsor Ad: so many big companies directly contact app owner and offer them money to show their Ad for a fixed period of time. It happens only if you have higher number of download.
  1. Subscription: offer some extra and better Features to premium member (premium member are those who have paid some fees).
  1. In-App purchased: you have seen this in many games where they offer in-app purchase for playing without watching an ad.

Most of the quiz app used one of the above methods that I mentioned.

Live trivia quiz (BrainBaazi) or Top Quiz: how does earn money?

They show ad and made money through ad only. After getting so many customer bases most probably they will use other methods that I have mentioned above.

That’s all!

Thanks for reading.


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