How to start a catering business (steps, plan, investment, profit)

catering business plan

The catering business is very easy to start, and it can give you a profit of more than Rs 4,000 daily.

I have covered the following thing in this article (catering business plan):

  • Reason for starting a catering business.
  • steps for starting a food catering business.
  • How to get customer easily for catering.
  • How to earn money from catering business.
  • Kitchen equipment needed for the catering business.

Investment = 4 to 5 lakh

How much money you can make as a caterer:

Earning = 1 lakh 20 thousand monthly ( Rs 4,000 daily).

the category in the catering business:

  • Wedding
  • birthday
  • children parties
  • corporate events
  • adult parties ( anniversary, bachelor party, holiday party, dinner party).

Reason for starting this business in India:

  • In most of the cities, there are local type people who provide catering.
  • There is no established brand for catering.
  • You can move this business to the next level easily.
  • and after getting the success you can easily offer franchise to expand rapidly in all major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad etc.

You will be like McDonald of catering which is available everywhere.

If you follow the simple 5 steps mentioned below.

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Steps for starting a food catering business in India:

how to start a catering business

1. Get the office,  website and business card.

  • Do proper research and get the office in that location where chances of getting a customer are higher.
  • the website will help you in reaching your customer easily.
  • List your business on just dial and google my business to easily get discover on the web.
  • you can design your own business card on vistaprint website easily and they will print and deliver it for you.

2. Buy the container and all required item for cooking food and catering serving dishes and Prepare the menu ( It must be appealing), so that they can choose. (not this type of ugly looking menu)Food cATERING BUSINESS

  • prepare different kind of menu that has a combination of food from low price range to high price range.
  • you can also categorize according to the basic plan, standard plan, premium plan.

3. Hire trained employees.

  • Before starting this you may work as an employee in another company for 1 month for a better experience.
  • It will help you in understanding this business at more deeper.
  • For the beginning, it best to hire trained people.

4. Food contact.

  • Contact the vegetable vendor and meat ( chicken, Mutton), Egg, Ice cream, Milk item etc.
  • It will help you in getting any item on time whenever required.
  • You will get fresh item always.

5. Marketing

  • Do both kind of marketing digital as well as traditional.
  • Check the performance of both. Then continue better one.
  • You must have seen the ad of zomato, swiggy. It’s digital marketing.

Kitchen equipment:


How to get customer easily:

catering business

  • contact marriage hall and make a deal for food supply. ( Here you don’t have to find customer)
  • Do advertisement on facebook, youtube just like swiggy and foodpanda. ( Swiggy established its brand using ad campaign on youtube).
  • contact social influencer like Bhuvan bam, carry minati etc and pay them to advertise your catering business. ( It’s very effective)
  • List your business on just dial, google my business. whenever someone searches on google for catering your business name will pop up on google.
  • Advertise locally on that location where people visit for wedding, birthday etc shopping.

How to earn money from the catering business

The best way is to charge money per plate because you can keep track on no. of plate easily.

for eg., someone ordered 200 plates for a wedding. and in case all 200 plates used and still few people left. In that case, you can easily claim we have already supplied 200 plates. Now, more people have come to a wedding is totally your fault not mine.

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