How to start multiple business with one name

First of all, I will say it’s possible to start multiple businesses with one name.

You have already seen companies like Tata. They are dealing in the automobile, information technology, construction, water, telecom, footwear etc.

It’s so simple and easy.

this article contains the following topic:

  • How to start multiple businesses with one name.
  • Steps involved in registering a business.
  • Difference between Proprietorship vs Partnership vs LLP vs Pvt Ltd Company.

How to start multiple businesses with one name

How to start multiple businesses with one name:

  1. Create one main company as LLC ( limited liability company) or Pvt Ltd or partnership or OPC etc.
  2. then set up the multiple DBA (Doing Business As) for a different business.
  3. using this method your every business will have a different name but they will be under one main parent company ( let assume parent company named X). eg just like Google its parent company is alphabet and having more than 100 business with different name like google, youtube, drive, pixel, duo, etc
  4. using this method will make it easier for marketing different business without damaging name and brand of other.
  5. if something happens to one DBAs than other business will not be affected.
  6. while filing taxes, take income earned from each DBAs and report them under one main LLP or corporation. holding company (parent company).
  7. now your main parent company name will be one and it will have as many business you want.
  8. you may use same parent company name for all business or separate name for the different business.
  9. for registration of a company, you can contact any CA firm online or offline. they will also guide you properly in doing this all.

That’s all.

for company registration, it’s better to contact any CA firm online or offline to avoid any form of confusion.

CA firm means a firm which provides Services like Auditing, Accounting, Business Advisory, Tax Consulting, Management consulting, Corporate advisory etc.

They will make your work easier and simpler.

Steps involved in registering a business

  1. decide your business structure.
  2. choose a good company name.( name should be unique)
  3. decide about company office address.
  4. collect the detail and company needed.
  5. get advice and support from a good legal consultant.
  6. apply for DIN, DIS, GST.
  7. write down the main business activity.
  8. draft memorandum and article of association.
  9. file the incorporation documents with ROC/MCA.
  10. open a bank account.
  11. wait for approval.
  12. Get ready

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Any CA firm will help you in getting all things.

It takes 15 to 30 days for the whole process for registering business in India.

you have a various option for registering business:

  • LLP ( limited liability partnership)
  • Pvt Ltd
  • Partnership
  • OPC (one person company)
  • sole proprietorship

choose according to your business.

You can watch this video to get a better understanding of choosing any Business Entity.

Difference between Proprietorship vs Partnership vs LLP vs Pvt Ltd Company


you may also visit this link to read in detail regarding the difference between them

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Private Limited Company vs LLP vs OPC vs Partnership vs sole proprietorship

Pvt Ltd Vs LLP vs OPC vs Partnership vs sole proprietorship

link for consulting online for registration of business.

you can contact anyone you want or you may contact any other it’s all up to you.

Thanks for reading.

if you have any doubt you can ask through comment.

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