How to start sell on Flipkart

how to sell on flipkart

E-commerce is prospering in India – thanks to e-portals like Flipkart, SnapDeal and Amazon or any site which has a good overturn the online shopping experience for Indian customers.

Innovative business models and ideas like cash on delivery and same day delivery with cash on delivery or card on delivery too, backed by low prices has inspired a huge part of customers to purchase online, making Flipkart. India’s biggest electronic commerce store.

how to sell on flipkart

One of the leading e-commerce web stores in India, Flipkart sold a product worth around USD 2.4 billion in 2016. In the 2013-14 financial year, with the more than 2.6 crores registered users Flipkart had a customer base.

Presently Flipkart ships over 50 lakh shipments every month and generate over 80 lakhs daily page visits. Hence, there is an enormous business opportunity for those who want to sell on Flipkart by becoming a Flipkart seller.

In this article, we will describe to you how to become a Flipkart seller and how to start to sell on Flipkart in which registration is required and what is a process.

  1. How to become a Flipkart seller: – A person and business need to become a Flipkart seller by signing on with Flipkart, for sell on Flipkart.

From the Flipkart seller homepage process for signing can be started by the seller as a Flipkart seller. This signing process is very easy.

A person or business can sign up on Flipkart as a Flipkart seller by providing information about his/her business and products which he wants to sell on the Flipkart portal.

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Some of the details which required to be provided and verified at the time of registering as a Flipkart seller include:-

  • Seller’s Name
  • Verified phone number
  • Email address of the seller
  • Seller’s pickup address/business address
  • Categories and detail of the product which the seller wants to sell via Flipkart
  • Tax registration documents
  • Business registration documents like Incorporation certificate, Memorandum of Association etc.

Additionally, submitted some other important documents which depend on the type of business being registered. Above all are mandatory documents which are required at the time of seller registration process.

Business Registration: – In Addition to the basic information about the seller registration the following business-related important information and documents need to be submitted to Flipkart when seller registered as Flipkart seller.

These some documents to be submitted will be vary depending on the type of business registration, these are:-

(A.) An individual or sole proprietorship: – If an Individual wants to sell through Flipkart on his/ her own name and legal standing, this business will automatically look as Sole proprietorship business.

In this business does not offer limited liability protection to the promoter, cannot be easily transferable, does not have investors or partners, not very scalable and has a restriction to obtain the bank loans.

With these lots of restrictions becoming a sole proprietorship Flipkart seller is not advisable.

The following documents will have to be submitted if you will choose the sole proprietorship business form:-

Identity Proof

  • A signed declaration on the business letterhead stating that the Individual manages and owns the bank account which is business’s name.
  • Registered bank accounting statement on Flipkart Payment gateway.
  • Sole proprietor’s passport.
  • Sole proprietor’s Pan Card.
  • Sole proprietor’s Voter Id / Driving License.
  • Any other government Identity Card along with photo.

 Address Proof

  • Telephone bill (Fixed Line) in the name of the Sole proprietor.
  • Electricity bill.
  • Bank account statement related with Sole proprietorship firm.
  • Lease or license agreement (if rented)
  • Letter from Employer.

(B.) Private Limited Company Registration: – one of the most desirable methods of becoming a Flipkart seller as a Private Limited Company. It offers limited liability protection to the promoters, provides separate legal entity, easy transferability.

Can involve investors and partners and quickly scale-up operations. As a private limited company registration following documents must be submitted:-

Identity Proof

  • Copy of Incorporation certificate of Private Limited Company.
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association.
  • PAN Card of the company.

 Address Proof 

  • Telephone bill of the company.
  • Electricity of the company.
  • Lease or rental agreement.

(C.) Partnership firm / LLP: – A Flipkart seller can also start his business as a partnership firm.

Registered as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is most advisable while signing as a Flipkart seller as it offers limited liability protection, easily transferable, provide separate legal entity and other documents required to quickly become a Flipkart seller.

  Identity Proof 

  • Incorporation certificate of LLP or partnership registration.
  • Partnership deed.
  • Power of Attorney (POA) duly signed by partners or an employee of the LLP or partnership firm to transact business operation on behalf of its.
  • PAN Card of LLP and partnership firm.
  • Documents identifying themselves as partners.

 Address Proof 

  • Any official valid documents for ratifying the address of the partners.
  • Electricity bill.
  • Lease or rental agreement.
  • Electricity bill of the company.

2. Tax Registration requirements:- After the selecting the suitable business entity and registered it by the Flipkart seller for his/ her desirable business, the following tax registration and bank account details in the name of the business would be required:-

  • Name of the business entity.
  • PAN of the private limited company or partnership or an Individual.
  • TIN of the seller.
  • TAN is needed for TDS.
  • Bank Account name and number of the Business/ Entity.
  • Bank IFSC code for an above-mentioned bank account.

After successfully registered yourself in Flipkart as a seller, you will also need to aware of all tax laws that apply to the e-commerce business.

An important of its filing GST return and income tax return on time. Income tax efiling will be filled in ITR Form 4 and the seller wants to audit his accounts in that case Income tax filing will be a file in ITR form 5.

3. Start selling on Flipkart: – providing after the above information registration and documents, the business could start selling its goods and Flipkart portal.

After completing the business process related to the Flipkart seller registration, the business could set up its storefront and list its products for selling on Flipkart.

In the above article, we told you all the steps of the sell your product on the Flipkart portal. We hope that you understand how to start selling on Flipkart and business entity types in which you can register yourself on the Flipkart for your business.

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