How To Start Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business In India

tempered glass manufacturing business

Starting a mobile Tempered Glass Business is very easy. You can Start Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business from your Home.

You don’t need to rent any office. The Earning from tempered glass manufacturing is around Rs 4 to 5 Lakh per month.

In this article, I will tell you the step by step plan, how to get register your business, and from where you can buy raw material and machine at a cheap price.

The material required for the tempered glass business:

tempered glass manufacturing machine Rs. 1,60,750  Amazon
Screen Protector 9H Nano Flexible Glass  Rs. 61,800 ($950) Aliexpress
packaging Rs. 3.5 per piece IndiaMart
Laptop Rs. 23,000 Amazon

Total investment: 2.5 Lakh

I recommend my users to buy a machine from amazon because amazon is very authentic eCommerce website.

Machine: It will help you in cutting the glass.

Flexible glass: Tempered glass is made from this material.

Packaging: After preparing tempered glass you need to pack it.

Laptop: Using a laptop you have to select the design of the mobile model Eg Samsung s20, iPhone x, Redmi note 8 pro, etc.

Details about the tempered glass machine:

  • The life span of the machine is around 10 years.
  • You can make 1500 pieces per day in 8 hr-12 hr.
  • The cost of making 1 Tempered glass is Rs 10 to 12.
  • Machine Can make different models glass together.
  • Any mobile model, any shape, any brand tempered glass can be manufactured.
  • Free software with the machine is provided.

How I will learn to use the tempered glass machine?

tempered glass manufacturing business

The company from whom you will buy the machine also provides free training and free service for up to 1 year.

The operating machine is very easy. If you know how to use your mobile then I can say it is much easier than operating a mobile phone.

There are so many training videos are available on Youtube in all languages like Hindi, Telugu, English, etc

How to use tempered glass machine: training (video)

but I advise my client to get the training from the company from which they are buying the machine.

Tempered glass Business Idea Table:

EARNING 4.5 Lakh per month.

Earning from tempered glass business [Calculation]:

cost of one producing one unit from beginning to packaging is Rs 10.

You call to sell it at Rs 40 to 120.

Earning per unit: Rs 30 to 110.

Assuming you are able to sell 150 units per day via online and offline both.

Total Earning per day for 150 units is Rs 4,500 to Rs 16,500.

Total Earning per month: Rs 1,35,000 to Rs 4,95,000.

How to get a license for manufacturing tempered glass?

There is no license needed for this business. But you have to get your business registered under govt to operate

Generally, people don’t register their businesses to save income tax. But if you are earning in crores you are much likely to get in the eye of income tax.

The best option for business registration (incorporation) is Sole Proprietorship in the beginning.

Document need for Sole Proprietorship:

​1. KYC of Applicant: Pan Card + Aadhar Card or driving or passport or Voter, etc
2. Business Address Proof: Electricity Bills or gas bill or phone bill etc. (No issues if it’s on other names).

It will take 2 to 6 days.

To get GST:

  • Passport Size Photo of the applicant.
  • Passbook Front Page anyone or Personal Bank Account Cancel Cheque or Bank Statement.

It will take 6 days.

For getting your business register online you can mail me at:

I will help you free of cost.

Selling tempered glass online to increase your income [fast]

Steps for starting Tempered glass business

Steps for starting Tempered glass business

STEP 1: Contacts with retailer & wholesalers

  • Visit local tempered glass retailers & wholesalers. Ask them “would the like to buy the tempered glass from you”.
  • Visit shops that are outside of the main city. Here you will face little competition.
  • Doing this will help you in making contacts.

STEP 2: Choose a location

  • In manufacturing, business location doesn’t matter very much.
  • But if you are also willing to work as wholesalers then the location will matter.
  • In the main city, the rent will be higher. So decide accordingly. 
  • The best option is to start as a manufacturer and online seller. When you start earning good money then go for wholesaler business too.

STEP 3: Business name & Registration

  • Choose a unique name for your business. Here at the MCA govt official website, you can check the name availability.
  • Steps for registration are already mentioned above.

STEP 4: Selling on Amazon & Flipkart

  • You will get customers without doing anything.
  • In beginning getting a customer is difficult because your product has zero reviews. and nobody wants to buy that product.
  • But I recommend my client to use advertisement on Instagram, Facebook, google to get customer easily.

STEP 5: Listen to Feedback

  • Always listen to what your customer is saying and improve your products according to them.
  • Never do illegal things. It will ultimately sink your business.


If you have any problem regarding staring tempered glass manufacturing business do comment. I always respond to the valuable comments from my users.

you can message me on Instagram for Discussion.





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