How to start tshirt printing business ( steps, plan, Investment profit)

Tshirt printing business idea

Tshirt printing business requires very low investment and gives a very high profit. Anyone who is interested in a Tshirt printing business can EARN RS 73,500 per month

The machine used for this Tshirt printing business can be operated from home easily.

Tshirt printing business can make you rich within 3 months if you work with proper plan and strategy.

In this article I have mentioned the following things:

  • How to start a Tshirt printing business.
  • Equipment for Tshirt printing business.
  • Total investment requirement
  • Earning estimation.
  • T-shirt printing business plan.
  • marketing strategy for increasing sales.

Tshirt business growth rate

The demand for a Tshirt in the market is always increasing because people of the present generation don’t like to wear a shirt.

you also have seen almost every college student like to wear a Tshirt because of less maintenance.

How to start a Tshirt printing business:

  •  For starting Tshirt business sole proprietorship is the best option. you should contact any CA firm for this all kind of paperwork.
  • you may contact any firm for registration business incorporation. I suggest Indiafilling to my clients. They do all work online.
  • It will take up to 10-20 days for all paperwork.

    #NOTE: if you do this from then they will provide everything like pan card, TAN, GST, etc and accounting software also.

    Tshirt printing business equipment and cost estimation

    1. you can buy equipment from anywhere, I had mentioned the links to make it easy only. Before buying compare the prices.

    2. In case, if the buy link doesn’t work then just search the material name on google you will get it.

    3. The company which provides machine also provide free training.

    T-shirt printing business plan



    Investment may be greater than 40,000 or less than 40,000.

    I am considering 200 pieces of custom Tshirt ( cost around 10,000 ).

    the machine I choose is semi-automatic, it’s good for starting. the fully automatic machine cost you Rs 15000 more.

    you can buy a custom Tshirt from India mart or any other online site also. You can buy it from wholesalers too.

    after that, you need to just choose any design on the computer and using the machine you can print it on a plain T-shirt.

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    MARKET for selling Tshirt

    there are two kinds of the market on the basis of product

    • customize Tshirt: For eg if any customer wants a specific design to be printed on his t-shirt, you can charge more money for this easily.
    • Already printed Tshirt: in this, you already print design on a t-shirt and sell it to the distributor, wholesaler, or as a retailer or online.

    Both kinds of product have too much demand in the market

    How to increase sales of the product:

    Price of Tshirt in the market:

    In the market, this type of Tshirt is sold @ rate of Rs 300 to 600 you can easily sell at Rs 300.

    In wholesale, these t-shirts are sold at Rs 150 to 200.

    you can sell at Rs 130 easily.

    The age group for Tshirt business:

    mostly children and students were Tshirt. India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 ( according to wikipidia).

    This 50% population accounts for 60 crores people. you don’t need to worry about the market.

    Selling Tshirt through the online medium:

    • there are more than 100 websites that sell Tshirt online you may contact them and sell them in bulk.
    • you can also sell on Amazon, Flipkart, or snapdeal as a retailer.
    • You may start your own e-commerce website.

    how to sell Tshirt or any product on Amazon:

    How To Sell On Amazon India For Beginners (2020)

    Selling Tshirt through the offline medium:

    • you can open your own store
    • You may sell it to different stores in bulk.
    • you can also contact the distributor they will directly do all sort of work because they have contacts with stores.

    How many times people buy Tshirt:

    • college-going students buys 3 to 4 t-shirt per year.
    • people generally buy during the festival season.
    • Indian calendar is filled with the festival.

    Competiton in Tshirt market:

    Due to too much demand in the market. this business is a little bit competitive. you have to make a proper strategy to gain the market.


    if you are able to sell at least 10 pieces per day at cost of Rs 300 as a retailer. Then your profit will be Rs 245 per piece.


    • the cost price of the t-shirt= 50
    • print price= 5
    • total cost= 55.
    • selling price 300.


    profit= selling price – cost price

    profit= 300- (55+5)

    Total profit= Rs 245

    on selling 10 pieces your profit will be Rs 2450 per day and about Rs 73,500 monthly.

    Earning per month = Rs 73,500

    skills needed for Tshirt printing business

    • selling skills: learn sales skills using the book like influence. use Youtube videos to learn sales skills for free.
    • design software: you should know how to use design software, you may use photoshop or Corel or any.

    What to do if you don’t have designing knowledge?

    • you may download design or photo from Google( but make sure about copyright). you can use for free.
    • if you don’t have designing skills then you can hire someone it will cost you Rs 10,000 per month.


    If you have any questions. feel free to ask through comment and you may mail me at

    My official Instagram account

    you can send a message for discussion.



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