IBM data science professional certificate Review [2020]

ibm data science professional certificate review

IBM data science Program is very popular on Coursera.

There one thing about this course that is made you a little bit dependent on using the IBM (Watson studio) platform.

But it’s not a big issue. So many other companies are using this Platform.

I have recently finished a data science course and I will share my opinion on this course and opinion of other students who joined at the same time.

In this article, I Have written the IBM data science professional certificate review in detail.

IBM Data Science

Rating on Coursera: 4.6/5

This is the best data science course available online. I like it very much.

Not only me around 1 Lakh 62 thousand students are enrolled in this course.

and this course got 4.6/5. Almost every student who joined this course tells positive and interesting things.

IBM data science professional certificate Coursera review.

How was the IBM data science course?

How was the IBM data science course

It starts from very basic. the first course was just an introduction to what was data science and How it is used in a business. What does a data scientist do?

In the next course, they make me aware of all the tools (GitHub, Jupyter Notebooks, and RStudio IDE) they are going to use and they give an introduction and basic functionality of every tool.

Then the teaches how to tackle data science problems and How to collect, analyze, and drive useful insight from the data.

I liked every bit of the course. You will not get bored. Try to be active in the forum section and you learn a lot by solving other problems.

If you know about any tools like python then you can skip that part of course.

This doesn’t make any sense to learn it again. Just do assignment things of that course and move on.

My personal rating for this course is 5/5.

Cost of the course:

Coursera has a monthly subscription-based model.

You can do as many courses you want but from only that particular specialization in which you enrolled.

and at the end of 30 days, you have made the payment which was around ₹2,949 ($39).

How long it will take to complete the IBM data science course?

I did the data science course on holiday. It took me roughly 25 days to complete the whole course. I was giving around 5 to 6 hr per day.

The specialization course has 9 courses in it. First 3 course is very basic the main fun will start from the 4th course.

Is IBM data science professional certificate worth it?Is IBM data science professional certificate worth it

A big yes. it is the best data science course covering the whole syllabus and biggest community available, Where most of the doubt is already answered.

The instructor is very helpful, kind, always available, and ready to help his student.

I find this course very interesting and easy to follow.

The assignment and project make it easier to implement everything that I learned.

Salary of data scientist and salary growth rate

  • The entry-level salary:  Rs 6 Lakh per annum in India. In the USA it is $83K per annum.
  • The average salary: 10 Lakh per annum in India. IN USA It is $113k per annum

Things that I liked about the IBM data science course:

1. faculty response to the question is very fast: 

coursera discussion forum review

visit discussion forum of that course on Coursera to ask any question.

here are the few tips to get your answer easily:

  • check the FAQ section. Most of the doubt is already answered there. It happens to me so many times that my question is already asked by other students.
  • If not answered in FAQ, then start a new thread and post your question there.
  • you can also use a screenshot to ask your doubt.

2. Syllabus coverage

  • IBM data science program consists of 9 courses.
  • It is the first course, I have ever seen which covers the full syllabus.
  • If you are a beginner. then you must join this course. 
  • After completing this course, you need to do practice only.

The course starts with what data science is, where data science technology is used etc.

Any person from any background like commerce, law, engineering, arts, etc can join this course.

3. Real-life exercise & capstone project

  • Practical exercise will be given at the end of each topic. It will help you in understanding the theoretical concept easily.
  • They will grade your exercise based on your performance. and you will earn the badge after finishing the exercise.
  • In the end, they will give you a big real-life project, Where almost every concept that we studied in this course is used.

4. Extra features of this course:

  • most of the course uses automated voice which is quite disturbing. In this course, the instructor has used his own voice. which is very comforting.
  • All the instructors in this course are data scientists in IBM. you will learn from the best. No useless data science professional certificate review
  • If you don’t like the course, which I don’t believe it will happen. But in that case, They offer a 7-day money refund policy.

What should you do after completing the course?

After completing the course you are ready to apply for Job in any company. But before getting the job do practice as much as you can. 

  • Do more projects online. Use Kaggle, it is best for doing projects.
  • Build a network on LinkedIn. It is best for getting a referral for Job.

HOW to get a JOB in IBM after completing the course?


ibm data science professional certificate worth it

I like this course, Every concept is explained beautifully.

If you have any questions regarding this course, ask me in the comment. I always reply to every comment.

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