Why is a favicon important for stronger branding?

favicon for branding

what is favicon?

Favicon is a small image and can be found on the right side of the tab. you can see the image below for proper understanding.

what is favicon


A lot of brands have turned into failures in the past due to lack of branding. Why is branding so important?

Why do brands have to focus on marketing their products properly? Branding is the key to success due to various reasons.

One of them is the level of competition these days.

Consider an example.

How many website options are displayed on your screen when you search for the best smartphones? Several pages of links are displayed on the screen. Even if you talk about the websites on the first page, there are several options to choose from. This clearly identifies that the level of competition between websites is quite high.

By using Prepostseo favicon generator tool, web developers can easily develop a unique favicon for their website. Thus, every factor which can increase the impact and performance of the brand should be taken into consideration.

Favicon Importance and role:

It is not possible to create an urgent image of the brand in the mind of the user. This is not how things work.

Users take time to create an acceptance for a brand. A favicon is a small icon that appears on the tab of the browser. Users are able to view this image until the tab is open. Along with that, favicons also appear on the bookmarks users make.

  • If you have three to four tabs open at the same time and only one of them has a favicon, it would be easy for you to recognize the website. If none of the tabs has favicons, it becomes hard for the user to differentiate between tabs. If he has to shift between tabs, he would have to click each tab and perform a check.
  • As favicons help in creating a brand presence, they are important for getting customers. Every brand needs customers so that there are conversions and the brand earns profits. Brand owners have to understand that promoting products and services is the only way to gather customers.

Favicon image size and design

list of image size according to the requirement are:

standard favicon IMAGE SIZE

Any image cannot be used randomly for a favicon and only specific images can be used for this purpose.

  • Images used as favicons should be simple. These images that appear on browser tabs are small in size. When users view them, they can only remember them if they have a simple appearance.
  • Considering that the size of a favicon is very small so if the design has a complicated feel, it would be hard for users to create a presence in their minds.
  • Some company logos and images have a lot of text content as well. First of all, selecting the company logo as the favicon is not necessary. Any image which is related to the brand can be used as a favicon.
  • Again, you need to be sure that the design is simple and a lot of text is not present in the background. The purpose of a favicon is not to act as the company logo. It is only to act as a source of brand identity.

Favicons help in appearing different:

If you glance at most websites these days, they do not have favicons and no image occurs on the browser tab when the website is opened.

This simply means that if your website does not have a favicon, it would not appear different as compared to other websites. As a result, if a user views multiple tabs including the one of your website, there would be nothing exclusive or different about what you offer

  • If you are a brand owner, you should keep in mind that people remember brands which have something different to offer. For instance, a brand may launch a 70% off flat sale to gather customers. A favicon is a simple but very powerful way to get customer attention.
  • More importantly, it gives an exclusive image to the brand and people start remembering it. Your sales volumes would depend majorly on how well people remember your brand. People browse for certain brands directly because they are easy to remember.
  • Favicons are important for increasing the popularity of a brand. However, you have to make sure that they stand out in every area. For instance, some website owners choose the same color for a favicon background as the browser tab. This is not wise thinking by any means.
  • The purpose of a favicon is to catch the attention of potential buyers so that they can start considering the brand. If the background color of the favicon does not differ from the browser tab color, it would blend with the background of the tab. Thus, if you want your favicon to get noticed, make sure that it has an appropriate colored background.


Follow the correct favicon generation process

A favicon would not appear on the browser tab if you have not followed the correct process. For instance, first of all, use a high-quality tool for this purpose. The Prepostseo favicon generator is a good alternative to consider. It has a simple set of options and users can generate favicons in quick time.


Summing It Up

It is not possible to run a brand successfully if people do not know about it. Brands only attain success when they have a sufficient count of customers. To reach potential customers, using exclusive branding techniques is important.

You need to remember that people choose brands on the basis of how popular or reputed they are. Using a does not actually pay off and thinking out of the box is important. Using a favicon is an exclusive and unconventional method to market a brand.

Following proper guidelines for producing a favicon is important. For instance, you should select an image that would stand out. Do not opt for a complex image and choose one with a simple design. Other than that, images with a lot of text in the background should be avoided. It is hard for users to remember complex designed images.


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